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Attraction marketing is a modern strategy that every business man, entrepreneur, network or Internet marketer should know to achieve success in their niche.


Attraction Marketing

I used the term modern strategy to define attraction marketing since there are traditional strategies that are still applicable but less the desired results. These traditional strategies include buying leads, cold calling, prospecting family and friends and personal meet-ups. Great thing attraction marketing replaced these old systems.


Gone are the days when you are the one chasing customers. With attraction marketing, you can be both a lead and money magnet! Attraction marketing does it otherwise. People come after you. They spend their time, money and effort to find you and avail what you offer. Attraction marketing lets you take control. However, the question is how does attraction marketing works?


Attraction marketing is the ability of a business owner in a multi-level marketing or affiliate marketing to attract leads and prospects. Attraction marketing enables smart entrepreneurs to maximize conversion rates while minimizing efforts.


Attraction marketing educates people about your brand and enables them to build 100% trust to what you offer. It is like presenting people with the exact product or services that they want and need so they can’t say no.


Attraction marketing works through 90% information and 10% pitch your business. People rely on the information that you share and see you as a credible resource person. They begin to trust you, turn into regular visitors and eventually convert to paying customers. Attraction marketing happens when you generously share free information through blog, articles, videos and social media.


Once they find your content valuable, they won’t hesitate to sign up in your lead capture page in exchange of the freebie that you offer. These freebies could be a webinar session, an EBook, and out-of-town session, an article or even a product sample. Everyone wants free information especially if it is beneficial. The real trick of attraction marketing thus is providing high-quality information that no one can resist!


If you like to know more about attraction marketing, check out this link.

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