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Internet Marketing PlanHaving a solid Internet marketing plan in place can both increase your name and brand recognition locally as well as expose you to a whole new set of potential clients all throughout the world. You only need to integrate this Internet marketing piece into your existing plans.

Here are the 10 considerations you need to make to complete your Internet marketing plan:

1) Objective and goals of Internet Marketing Plan. Having a goal and budget in mind will make your marketing more effective.

2) Marketing Funnel. The process begins from the wide top of the funnel, representing low-cost products or free give-aways, and moving clients down through the funnel to the narrower portions which represent gradually increasing investments from the clients from your higher-priced products and services.

3)Target Market. Find a clearly definable target market that you can easily describe and locate.

4) Knowing your competitors.

5) Branding Your Business. Choose an effective and an easy-to-memorize domain name that clearly represents your business.

6) Provide a solution to a problem to make people buy and patronize your product. Help them identify the primary reasons why they should get your product or service.

7) Assess your website.

8) Have an access to the appropriate services and technology that will help you sell your product or service online.

9) Come up with Internet marketing strategies such as pay-per-click purchases, organic search engine listing ranking, well-written email newsletter that is published on a regular basis; submission of articles on topics related to your target market to article submission directories; regularly post entries to a blog aimed at your target market, full of content discussing issues related to that target market; series of podcasts containing interview with experts of interest to your target market; ongoing series of teleconferences containing value-added content for your target market; submission of online press releases with new tips information for your target market; exchange relevant links with others in different industries with the same target market; and more.

10) Build a team. Add experts to your team who are great at what they do so that you’ve got the time and energy to go out and do what you do best, that is, selling your products and services to your target market.

Some businesses will thrive in online marketing while others might find it just enhancing their offline strategies. Whichever perspective you’d choose, trying out online marketing for your business can definitely provide you many other benefits that you never thought possible.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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