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You may probably be sighing out because we’re already approaching the first month of this year’s second quarter yet you still haven’t reaped delicious fruits out of you Internet marketing efforts. Well, here are some juicy tips that you can check out and try. After all, 2012 is still a long road ahead and these can be the tips that can do wonders for you and your business!

Online Marketing Tips for 2012

  1. Try to launch a new product or service. You can have their feedback as your basis of what new thing to present.
  2. Post relevant content. Innovate. Include videos in your blog.
  3. Be more active in various social media to continue increasing your market.
  4. Be SEO smart. Learn how to use keywords properly and productively.
  5. Try a Pay Per Click Campaign to market your product or services.
  6. Use image bookmarking sites like Pinterest.
  7. Stay mobile connected so you don’t miss out on anything. In fact, more people are actually using the Internet through their mobile phones.

Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach


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