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Understanding the Individual Personalities in Internet MarketingIf you have an internet marketing business, it almost automatically means that you will have to deal with four different kinds of personality types. That is inevitable, but also very much a necessity.

Actually, you are bound to meet these types of people even when you’re not on the Internet, so it is definitely a good idea to know how to make the most out of your meetings with them, both online and in person. As you go about building your content for your internet marketing venture, you will need to be able to identify the four types of personalities that you may come in contact with. Below is a quick overview of each:

  • First type of personality: Inspired by money. The above term clearly speaks for itself. These are the type of people who express an interest to be involved in network marketing mainly because of the promising income that can be earned. More often than not, people with this type of personality are concerned about the compensation plan because they are driven by the compensation plan oppose to any other perks that his or her company may have to offer.
  • Second type of personality: inspired by fun. The people who belong to the second type of personality are primarily attracted to their home base business because it offers an amazing avenue for social networking. They are also usually drawn to it because they find the business model interesting. These type of people would fall in love with the idea of having trips sponsored by the company; going to seminars and conferences; and attending meetings or parties. As long as they find the work atmosphere to be fun and engaging, they will most likely stick with it – even if they’re not earning a lot of money.
  • Third type of personality: inspired by facts. The third type of personality you will encounter are people who are pragmatic and methodical by nature. To be able to draw the interest of these people, you will have to make sure that your internet marketing business contains as many facts as possible. If you’re offering a product that has any scientific or clinical backings, you can be almost sure that they will go over it meticulously – maybe even reading it word for word.
  • Fourth type of personality: inspired by causes. The fourth and last types of personality you will meet are driven by the cause presented in a business venture, such as internet marketing. These type of people love the idea of being involved in something that would help others earn more income, be healthier, manage their weight, change their lifestyle, and so on. If you’re offering a product or service that aims to address a problem or offer a solution, people who have this personality type will surely want to be involved in your business.

It is very important that you gain a solid grasp of these four kinds of personality types. Because when you do understand them, you will be able to adjust and tweak your marketing campaign to appeal to each personality type individually. If you want to learn more about the about the four types of personalities, and Internet Marketing tips, please subscribe to my blog.


Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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