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Understanding LinkedIn Let me teach a sneaky way to collect real leads. Please don’t use this to spam people. You’ll only lose your opportunity to earn money if you spam people.

Search the following in Google:

Site: + “your city” + “”

You’ll find hundreds of search results showing hundreds of email addresses. Don’t waste your time trying to separate them. Rather spend a few dollars and get someone to do it for you. Believe me, it’s really worth it.

LinkedIn is a network where professionals gather, discuss about professional topics, manage groups and do other relevant networking and marketing tactics. Some of the people you’ll find in LinkedIn are:

  1. Employees
  2. Employers
  3. Professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Managers
  6. People looking for job
  7. People looking for employees
  8. Online marketers
  9. Offline marketers


The Benefits of LinkedIn for Organizations

Rick Vanover, in his May 19, 2009 blog, stated several benefits that an organization could get in using LinkedIn, which are:

1. Groups. LinkedIn groups serve as a forum for members to have real-time conversations about products, issues, opportunities, events, and referrals of information.

2. Events. LinkedIn Events allow you to create real events, such as tradeshows, conferences, and training events.

3. Company profiles. Companies can modify their descriptions, information, and company logos are used correctly on LinkedIn.

4. Jobs. LinkedIn has job information through partnerships with Dice and SimplyHired. Ensuring that your advertised positions go beyond and into LinkedIn is an extra step that can use the leverage of the LinkedIn network.

5. The price is right. Most of LinkedIn services are free and all you have to do is take advantage of the extra placement.

To be honest, LinkedIn is not exactly for online marketers working in the Internet Marketing niche.


You must understand that serious people are in LinkedIn and so they use valid email addresses in their profiles. As most of them are professionals, you can expect that you’ll actually get the emails of people working or living in the city. Again, please don’t misuse this technique. If you do, it’s only you who’ll be the loser in the end.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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