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What is network marketing?

 Network Marketing

In the simplest terms, network marketing refers to a marketing strategy that engages independent agents to reach prospective customers in exchange for commission not only on the sales they make personally but also for the sales recorded by other salespeople that they sponsored into the business of the network marketing company. Network marketing lead creates a multiple levels of compensation because many sales teams are involved at different hierarchy of distributorship.


So, if you opt to work for a network marketing company, you are free to choose to work in your spare time for a number of hours as you want and on a part time basis. In addition, you are free to pick the sales team you want to work with. If you happen to get listed with a top network marketing company, you will be provided with adequate network marketing training and support. That way, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge of marketing products and services via networking with other people that the network marketing company would otherwise not reach.


Why Businesses Create Network Marketing Opportunities for Everyone


Companies that manufacture products often allow any willing persons including you to market for them via a network marketing company rather than utilizing the traditional marketing techniques or the Internet ads to the fullest simply because they know marketing their products through your network of friends and family members is the sure fire way of marketing products and services directly to real people who are potential end users of their products.


In addition, most people trust the sense of judgment of their network of friends and family better when it comes to buying products and services by referral. So, by using word-of-mouth marketing technique, you can sell products to your network of people who knows and trust you and earn decent income from the network marketing company, all at your spare time. Does that sound lovely?


Nowadays, there are a lot of newest network marketing companies offering several products and services and creating plenty of network marketing opportunities to those who are looking to make more money by the sideline. You will surely find some products and services that you believe in and also comfortable marketing among the several products and services on offer for network marketing opportunities on the market.


Think of it, the products and services for network marketing are very many. Some includes weight loss and fitness programs, communication gadgets and services, financial programs from popular brands, nutritional products, solar power equipment, and Internet access gadgets among many other products and services available.


How to Make Money with Network Marketing


To make money when working at your spare time with a network marketing company, you have to sell something which could be either products or services. If you are looking to make more money, you will have to learn the basics and teach your sales team the best strategies for selling via network marketing. Now, bugging your network of influence to buy products on offer by your network marketing company is never a good technique of network marketing.


It is extremely important that you get that right! Network marketing is also not the same as the pyramid scam scheme though your earnings will come via sales made directly by you and the hierarchy of your sales team similar to the pyramid structure but because you won’t at any time make a dime until you or the team you are sponsoring make sales, this marketing technique is in every sense a legitimate business and far from being like the obnoxious pyramid schemes.


How much you earn from network marketing depends on your ability and skill to first of all determine who among your network of friends and family members would be interested in the products and services your network marketing company has to offer. The next is to be able to constructively influence the ones you have identified to take a look at the products or services. That is the secret of achieving success with network marketing. It is one of the critical elements that distinguish those who went on to achieve great success from those who fail to make money working at their spare time for a network marketing company.


Network Marketing Vs. MLM


Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a type of network marketing. In fact, all the explanations I have provided so far relates to the MLM kind of network marketing which could have two or more tiers of networking in hierarchy. Other forms of network marketing a network marketing company can run include:


  1. single-tier network marketing, and
  2. two-tier network marketing
  3. Lead generation


If you choose to sign up and sell products or services as an affiliate marketer, you will only be paid from the direct sales you make if any at all. This is because when you market for a single-tier network marketing company, like Avon and PPC (pay per click) or PPL (pay per lead generated) affiliate programs, you do not need to recruit your sales team.


Some affiliate network marketing programs will pay you only for traffic you have redirected to their websites and not necessarily for making any sales. Lead generation is another form of network marketing. As a lead generator, you locate new prospects and direct them to the website of the network marketing company that pays you for the volume and quality of the lead generated.


If you are a person who loves to work with people and enjoy holding yourself accountable, running your own small scale business via working at your own spare time for a network marketing company might be the right way to earn more money and boost your income. I have found financial success with network marketing and working from home and running a small business listed with a network marketing company means I make money at my spare time as well.


If you have now gotten some useful tips about network marketing, the next step for you is to probably join a network marketing company. Interact with a few of the leaders who are already enjoying  the benefits of network marketing for clues that brought them to the level of success they are enjoying and, most importantly, set out to do likewise and you won’t regret you did!


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