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When someone asks me what I think is the most undervalued analytics tool, I’d always answer that it isn’t actually a tool. What’s missing or should I say, what most people don’t know of properly and effectively utilizing is communication. Communication is and will always be a vital aspect of our daily lives. It is ironic though that what actually is a means of our connection with the world since birth seems to be something that we cannot completely master. Often times, most endeavors fail because improper or no communication took place at all. This is especially the case in network marketing.


The first thing that should always linger in your mind is the fact that network marketing is a numbers game, thus you are obliged to expand your circle and talk to a lot of people consistently. This is where communication starts to shoulder majority of your responsibilities and dictates your success or failure. If you aren’t ready to befriend hundreds or thousands of people to establish good relationships with and introduce your business with, then network marketing is not the right business opportunity for you.


Most people sign up in network marketing businesses, hoping that they would easily amass huge sums of money by sitting still and letting their sign-up fees work for them. This is an absolutely crazy idea and an example of failure to communicate appropriately, clearly and honestly. As a wise investor, the first thing that you should be wary of is someone who promises you of instant wealth without even having to work at all. Except for lotto and sweepstakes tickets, which give you small probability of taking home the jackpot, nothing else can be acquired that easy. Everything in this world requires your own share of hardwork.


On the other hand, as a network marketer, you should honestly and carefully introduce and share your business to the people you talk to. Your single biggest mistake is giving anyone false hopes just because of your personal interest of having fast multiple sign-ups for commissions. You are just staining the reputation of network marketing further and creating a bad image for yourself as someone who cannot be trusted.


What most of us don’t know is that there are real network marketing opportunities that can give you the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. You just have to carefully select the people you believe in and evaluate the right team to join. As investors in doubt, ask questions. As network marketers, deliver your message clearly and truthfully. Remember, effective communication happens when the speaker is able to deliver a clear message and the listener is able to grasp the real content of it.


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