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Follow-Up is the Key to Your Network Marketing SuccessYou’re starting to get into network marketing. You gain a lot of contacts. You send them a notification that has information on your product/business. You leave these group of contacts alone and move on to the next, but for some reason your network marketing success isn’t that great. What is missing? Following up is what’s missing.

You may have left a good impression, they may have promised to get in touch, but unfortunately there are so many things that may result in them forgetting to get back to you on what they were interested in. This is where following up comes in to the picture. You follow up to regain your customers’ or prospects’ interest. You remind them that your product/business is still out there and that if they are still interested, you are still willing to cater to them.

When you follow-up, you actually build on a better relationship with your customers and/or prospects. Why is that? The first reason is that when you follow up you show them you that have not given up on them. You show your customers and prospects that you are committed and that you are serious about your business. When you follow up with your customers or prospects you are not only expressing your commitment to your business, but you are also showing that you are committed to them. You are showing your customer and/or prospect that you really want them to be part and take part in your business or with your product.

When you say you’ll follow up and you actually do, you are showing your customers and prospects that you are keeping your word. By following up with them, you are showing that you are dedicated, organized and methodical. When you follow up with someone their initial response is to feel flattered. Same goes with your customers and prospects, when you follow up with them regarding their interest in your product/business, they will feel flattered that you actually remembered them and they will feel some sense of importance when it comes to dealing with your company. To follow up is to build rapport with your customers and/or prospects. This means that when you follow up, you must be professional and make sure you don’t sound too pushy.

No one likes to be forced to like or do something. You will only get negative reviews. You need to make sure that you aren’t crossing the boundaries of politeness by following up on their interest or forcing them to listen to you. When a customer or prospects tells you that he/she is no longer interested and to stop following up. Stop. They have drawn the line and probably have thought about their interest and decided they aren’t. So it would be better if, when you get your customers’ or prospects’ contact information, you ask them when would be the best time for you to follow up. When and if they give a specific date as to when they want you to contact them again, stick to that date and time. If they agreed to a follow up but they didn’t give a specific date and time, every 6 months would be the best time to follow up.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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