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Network Marketing: Achieving Freedom and PurposeThere are many types of people that make our world go ‘round. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, waitresses and retail cashiers. All of them have either found their purpose in life or are on their way. In trying to find a purpose for your life, you are deciding what it is you’d like to do, how you’re going to do it and what affect it will have on others.

We spend so much time being fathers, mothers, salespeople and auto mechanics that we forget what we really wanted to be when we were children. Most of us really don’t do what we imagined. We end up doing what we have to do.

I know I know, Network marketing is not your typical career. It requires sincere commitment, determination, a knack for team building and helping others to succeed. While these characteristics can be indicative of all of the aforementioned careers, there is one that separates them from Network marketing. Freedom.

To obtain freedom means having a career in Network Marketing. What do I mean by freedom? Freedom in Networking marketing means “Time Freedom”, a chance to get out the 9 to 5 rat race. You can actually get paid for being yourself and be your own boss.

You get to network with people from all walks of life. You’re able to travel whenever you want to with family and friends. How nice would it be? The world is made up of all different kinds of professions but to obtain true freedom takes extreme social skills and leadership.

In network marketing, you can get paid for being your true self. You can actually live a life that gives evidence to what you believe. Can you be yourself on your job? Not really because you represent the image of the company and what it is that they believe in. At your job, it’s all about being a team player and sacrificing the individual.

Network marketing is about building your own economy and teaching others to do the same. Network marketing is about helping other people achieve their goals. People are desperately looking to be led by someone to help solve their problems. Being your true authentic self secreting gives other people permission to be themselves. They would want to be around you because your leadership gives evidence to what you believe.

Network marketing is all about achieving freedom and finding your purpose!

Annetta Powell

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