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The Power of Duplication in Network MarketingAs in everything in life, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel or hot water, the methods and systems we have are known to work. The same concept applies to network marketing. If the system works and proves to be effective, it is not necessary to change it. The importance of duplication in network marketing is that a proven system cannot fail, it does not matter how many times you repeat it.

What usually happens with a new business venture is that the first people involved in it are basically experimenting; they are testing the ropes and finding the easiest and best ways to do things. Trial and error is their motto and that happens a lot. Eventually a pattern starts to emerge and a system starts to take shape. When this happens we get the result we want, when that happens we do something else and the result is positive.

After some time these people have figured out and repeated the process enough times to know that their system works and that anyone can do it and get the same result. This is what duplication is all about. Doing over and over again the things that made the business successful. If a sales technique has produced many sales, why would you want to change it and find another? Stick to what works and has produced results in the past and present.

Once a system is established and proven in a business venture, all you have to do is to teach the same system to new people and they will continue expanding sales exponentially. This does not mean that you will not try new things and new techniques. No, it is imperative that you continue innovating and testing methods that may improve your sales. This will be done only by you though, as the others will not experiment, they will stick to what you know works.

When you find a new technique or system that has good prospects and seems to be working well, try it out, test it thoroughly. If after a while you determine that it does work and that it cannot be improved anymore, then go right ahead and teach it to new people, do not teach it to those using the old system, as they are doing fine with what they have.

This will give you two fronts to sell your product, two systems that you have proved work that are being handled by two different and separate groups of sales people and associates or affiliates. Again, you will be duplicating the systems, you will be training new people in one or the other of the systems – never on both, because they can become confused and mix them up. Duplication is the simple process of repeating something that works over and over again.

Be sure that the system you teach your employees and associates or affiliates really works, test it in many different ways to assure that the duplication process works. It’s useless to teach your people something that does not work. Duplication is the key to your success in network marketing. For more information on duplication and network marketing tips, please subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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