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Break Free From Cold Phone Calls and AdvertisingsWhat you need to know about Attraction Marketing

In this age of technology, reaching out to so many people anywhere and anytime has never been so much easier. The onset of the internet has tremendously changed the way people do their business, especially in the field of network marketing.

From the trend of tracking and making phone calls to prospective clients as well as placing ads to numerous websites, a new way of introducing your brand and your products to the millions of internet users around the globe which involves less sales talks and hard-selling propagandas, is fast becoming a buzz in the network marketing industry. This trend I am talking about is called “Attraction Marketing.”

Attraction marketing simply refers to the way of attracting people or the internet users to your brand and your products by using all available resources in the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace and YouTube as well as through e-books, blogs, traditional web sites and search engine optimization (SEO) to name a few.

The key concept of attraction marketing is getting the people knock at your door to purchase your product or service or join your business community rather than you chasing them. It’s attracting people without the traditional means of marketing which usually involve prospecting or commonly called tracking, creating a business email list, sending promotional emails, making cold phone calls and conducting service/product presentations or demonstrations.

But how are you going to do this? How can you possibly amass a following without being a hard-seller? The key is to create and maintain a credible, helpful and informative website. Remember, majority of the people are using the internet to get valuable information about their respective areas of interest, so anytime you can provide others with info, advise or helpful service, you are creating a positive image for yourself and your brand. As you satisfy these chance visitors with the helpful services and information in your site, chance is, they would keep coming back and even recommend your site and your products to other people, and without you knowing it, you are already creating a following of faithful, interested potential clients!

How to create an engaging, helpful website is probably the next thing that you may want to ask. The trick is simple. Think like a social worker than a salesman! People in this age resist selling. Admit it, you do not want being sold to and you do not want to sell to others either. The more persistent a salesman to get a dime from us, the more we do not want to buy his product. So this applies to network marketing.

It is important to keep in mind that your website should contain not only information about your products, but rather a wealth of information that might be useful to them such as tips and trivia and some reviews. Anything that will help enhance a individuals life. In fact, hard selling often turns off the readers, while a soft sell pitch which is rich and honestly useful information is actually the best way to persuade potential customers to try your products or services. You may also consider including some interesting promos that may excite the readers and make their shopping experience more enjoyable such as a free trial of your products, free consultation, or making a purchase now to avail a discount or a free delivery.

Remember, if you want to be attractive, you should remove that dollar sign on your forehead and develop a genuine desire to help your visitors. You may consider providing a venue in your site where they can discuss their problems with you or where they can post questions for you or the other readers to answer. You can also direct them through other links if you think that what they are looking for are not within your area of expertise. It is important to let them feel that you care for them and that you will do everything to help them.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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