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Opt-in ListMany people define success in online business by having a working and a functioning Website. Today, I want to tell you that having a business Website is not the barometer of success. In fact, there are countless people out there who maintain as many as three to four Websites, yet they are unsuccessful. Anybody can develop his own Website to showcase his products or services, but the question is: how will he inform his customers that his business exists online? The indicator whether or not he will be successful is when people get to notice his online business. The most effective way to get people to notice his online business is for him to have a powerful opt-in list.

What is an opt-in list?

An opt-in list is simply a list of email addresses of people who agreed to give their e-mail addresses to you when they signed up to receive free offers, like newsletters, brochures, promotions and free e-books. The most important factor you need to consider when building an opt-in list is that people must have agreed to give you their e-mail addresses so that by the time you send out communications you will not appear as spammer.

Things to consider when building an opt-in list

By having a solid opt-in list, you have good chances of building strong relationships with your old clients and new customers while you increase your sales by offering new items. The following are three important factors to consider when building a list:

1. Do you know your target market? If you do not know your target market, you will end up wasting your time, energy and resources because you are building a list with no particular target market. Having a target market will give you a particular focus since you will direct your emails to people who will most likely be interested in the things you have to offer.

2. Is your target market in available online? This is an important aspect of building an opt-in list since there is no point building an opt-in list if your target market is not available online. It is wise to note that you are building a list is to promote your business online. If your target market is not available online, you have no reason building an opt-in list.

3. What solutions can you offer? Before you build your opt-in list, try knowing the underlying solutions that will answer your target market’s important questions. This is a good way to prepare how you can provide solutions when you start your e-mail marketing. To do this, visit the various forums and sift through the threads to know their concerns.

The success of your online business will depend on how solid your opt-in list is. Indeed, there is money in building a list, but you have to identify your target market before you start building a list. As I end this post, I invite you to subscribe to my blog and learn more about the secrets of building a solid opt-in list.

Wishing you much success,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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