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You are here probably because you are doing your own research about SereniGy before hopping in the business or because you have already signed up and would like to know if you’ve made the right move by joining SereniGy.


Obtaining an honest review of SereniGy from somebody who isn’t part of it is almost close to impossible. Lucky you! You came in the right place where you can acquire all the necessary information about SereniGy.


First, I’d like to emphasize that I am no SereniGy distributor, and this isn’t a hate article about the company so I suggest you better keep reading until the end.

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SereniGy Review

SereniGy Review

SereniGy: What’s This Thing About?


I am not surprised that people are Google-ing SereniGy these days. The company is one of the babies in the Internet and network marketing industry. Mr. Jay Noland, a former professional baseball player and a direct selling and network marketing enthusiast, founded SereniGy in April 2010.


The primary mission of the company is “to create an environment where truth is necessary for survival, like the air we breathe. To form a culture where people are honored and respected for their uniqueness. To build a platform to Heal Nations. To help produce income for all those involved with the company by Bringing Serenity, Energy, Integrity, and 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Through You Around the Globe.” Yes, that’s right. Serenigy is one of the existing healthy coffee businesses.

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A Glimpse at SereniGy’s Products


SereniGy, just like Organo Gold, uses Ganoderma Lucidum as the main component of its products. Ganoderma is one of the ancient herbal treasures used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its health benefits are countless that only royalties were able to take advantage of it. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum in our body.


SereniGy offers coffees, teas and supplements. At present, they have 20 products out in the market. Coffee products include black, latte, mocha and G-roast. SereniGy uses whole bean Arabica coffee grown in Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia.


The tea products include spiced black tea, chai, green tea and rooibos while the supplements include G-drops, lightning and essential Ganoderma.

Compare all Organo Gold products by clicking here.

SereniGy also introduced G-band, which uses the frequencies of negative ions and Ganoderma, offering a one-of-a-kind performance of a band.


If you’d like to know about other healthy coffee products offering the best of its kind, click here.


SereniGy Compensation Plan


Just like any other network marketing compensation plan, SereniGy also offers a binary compensation plan model. There are several ways in which one can earn with SereniGy such as retailer’s advantage program, top 20 sales program, fast start program, Q2 maker commission and more!

Becoming A SereniGy Distributor


The official website of SereniGy states “We pay up to 50% of the total global sales volume to the distributors.” This is probably the reason why people are attracted to try on this newbie network marketing company. As some say, joining a baby company such as SereniGy can be advantageous because it may put you ahead of the game. However, if you are looking for a stable home based business, you must consider the years of existence.


SereniGy offers starter packages for as low as $39 and requires a monthly minimum purchase to remain as an active SereniGy distributor.


Making Money Out Of SereniGy


Gaining financial freedom is one of the most-sought luxuries in life. Everyone who signs up in SereniGy and any other Internet and network marketing company desires to achieve his dream lifestyle. How then can you be successful in SereniGy?


The opportunity is certainly available for anyone who wants to make money out of SereniGy. However, you must keep in mind that SereniGy is a network marketing company. To become extremely lucrative in SereniGy requires effort on your part. You have to build your own network. Just like any other network marketing businesses, SereniGy is also a numbers game. There isn’t a place for couch potato distributors in SereniGy.


You will be earning money from every sale that you will make out of SereniGy products. On top of that, SereniGy also offers up to half of the total sales volume to its distributors.


What if you don’t have the heart for product sales? Would it mark the end of your SereniGy distributorship? Click here to find out about lead generation instead.


My Final Thoughts about SereniGy


Choosing a network marketing company to join into seems a hard decision for most people. This is the case because they are not presented with honest overviews of all the network marketing companies that exist. Good thing you came across this SereniGy review and I just hope that I am able to help you make the right decision for your future.


Stability is one of the topmost considerations to make when joining a network marketing company. Knowing that SereniGy has been around for just a little over two years now is well-worth the deep thinking. Is this company going to last for good?


While SereniGy offers a generous compensation plan, anyone who signs up in SereniGy must dedicate himself to the business. Network marketing is no overnight success. It entails a lot of responsibilities. However, if you want stability then I suggest that you check out Organo Gold too. Organo Gold is more mature than SereniGy.


Many of today’s multimillionaires in the network marketing industry are from the Organo Gold family. Oh, did I mention that Mr. Noland (the founder of SereniGy) was also a part of Organo Gold? Whether you are in OG or in SereniGy, to market it effectively, you need to use these 3 marketing tips.

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