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Find out how I ended up doing my home-based Organo Gold business and succeeded in sponsoring a lot of people in my team over the last 2 years.


How It All Began With Organo Gold


Over the past years, I have been in constant search for the opportunity that would take me away from a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. At age 24, I decided that only I can choose my destiny and I must begin traversing my path that early. Cutting the long story short, I left Corporate America to lead my own life.


I then purchased my first real estate property at $18,000, made all the necessary renovations, sold it, and gained a profit of $24,000. This sparked my interest in taking responsibility of my financial future.


The Inevitable Happens And I Had To Make A Choice…


The year 2008 gave the hardest blow not just in the real estate market but in my life as well. Michigan experienced a tremendous housing crisis. I have invested my money, my heart and my soul in Detroit real estate. However, I said to myself that I had to get some time off and decide what my next move should be. My soul searching has brought me to California where I spent some time figuring out the best thing to do. I realized that as a wise individual, I must not rely solely on one source of income. Financial security comes from a stream of investments. This is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from the recession.


Welcoming The Home-Based Business World

Organo Gold

I have never imagined myself doing a home-based network marketing business since it was something that I was reluctant about at first. Since my friends were the ones who introduced me to the world of home-based network marketing opportunity, I gave it a shot. However, the road to financial and time freedom wasn’t easy. I have tried numerous network marketing companies and had not make a dime for an entire 6 months! Great thing, my entrepreneurial fire was still burning so I didn’t give up.


I did my own research and found out that many individuals have indeed succeeded on the Internet. I then purchased CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s and books about Internet marketing. I was totally hooked on learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing so I can apply the knowledge I get for my own benefit.


My passion to make it in the World Wide Web gave birth to “Annetta Powell, the Personal and Professional Coach of Internet and Network Marketing and Real Estate Investing”. Everything was going so well, including the fact that I have chosen to become part of one of the most promising network marketing opportunity – Organo Gold.


Starting Out With Organo Gold


By the time I joined Organo Gold, I am fully aware of what network marketing is all about. I discovered that like any other endeavors, network marketing requires hardwork too. Organo Gold opened my eyes to the reality that success is dictated by the amount of hardwork and effort you put into the business. I was ecstatic again! I wanted to become another Organo Gold success story so I can lead others effectively towards achieving the lifestyle that they want and deserve. Thanks to Organo Gold for I was able to establish my brand online and I became one of the trusted authority figures in Internet and network marketing.


The Road To Success Isn’t Always Easy


Just like my real estate business, my Organo Gold business also had its downturns. One of the biggest challenges I faced as an Organo Gold distributor is being rejected by a lot of people that I talked to. Why? Because they simply had a stained belief about network marketing and they thought that Organo Gold is just another network marketing businesses that will rip their pockets off.


It was initially hard gaining leads. I had to keep myself composed as I tell people what Organo Gold is and what it isn’t. Some people would listen, others didn’t. I had to keep up with my pace and made sure that I talk to a lot of people each day and find those who are as equally enthusiastic as I was about earning a 6-figure income at home. There were times that even my friends and relatives were reluctant to hear what I gotta say about Organo Gold. I had to take all of the negative reactions from people and keep doing my thing so I could show them that it really was possible to succeed in Organo Gold.


My efforts paid off. I was able to personally sponsor 100 people on my team within 1 year. Out of these 100 people that I sponsored, 80 came from the Internet and the remaining 20 from my warm market. I flew back and forth to different states such as Texas, Illinois, California and other places to meet up with people and tell them about the wonderful opportunity that is Organo Gold. I have also invested my time and my money making my blog search engine friendly and writing content about the benefits of joining Organo Gold. My years of experience in Internet and network marketing helped me establish my own 6 7 Figure Marketing System where I generously share proven strategies to help anyone achieve financial and time freedom the way I did.


For those people who entered the Organo Gold business bare-handed, I have also built my FREE branding strategy session. In Annetta Powell Coaching Program, they can learn how to become an Internet rockstar by understanding how branding works. The insider secrets to making millions out of the Internet are given almost like FREEBIES. This is my way of giving back to people something from all the blessing I have received from God and all the rewards I reaped from being an Organo Gold distributor. I want everyone to have the same kind of pleasant and wealthy life that I have so we can all enjoy our lives here on Earth.


How I Was Able To Get A 6 Figure Income From Organo Gold


Organo Gold compensation plan is indeed one of the most lucrative in the Internet and network marketing industry. My enthusiasm about Organo Gold coffee entitles me to earn profits from 8 different ways, thus ensuring my financial success.


The 8 ways you get paid by Organo Gold are:


1.    Retail Profit – this is the basic Organo Gold compensation plan where distributors are able to make profits of 50 to 500% be selling Organo Gold products.

2.    Fast Track Bonus – this is part of Organo Gold’s weekly income. It is paid each time a distributor goes out, sells or avails one of the promotional products (Bronze package pays $20 commission, Silver package pays $80 commission, and Gold package pays $150 commission). The best thing about Fast Track Bonus is that there is no limit to how much commission you can make.

3.    Dual Team Bonus – this is the most powerful income-generating way in network marketing. This can be done by enrolling one personal distributor in both your left and right team. By the end of each week, the computer takes a snapshot of your organization, searches all the way down to infinity, and calculates all the first time orders. As you move up the leadership ladder, your income also increases. An Organo Gold Marketing Associate can earn as much as $500 weekly, Supervisors as much as $1,000 weekly and Consultants as much as $1,500 weekly. Consultants can be Sapphire ( as much as $5,000 weekly), Ruby (as much as $10,000 weekly), Emeralds (as much as $15,000 weekly) and Diamond (as much as $20,000 weekly). The Organo Gold Elite Leadership levels can pay as much as $75,000 weekly.

4.    Unilevel Bonus – this is also referred to as residual income. Every time someone reorders any Organo gold products, you get paid up to 9 compressed levels.

5.    Unilevel Matching Bonus – here, you can receive as much as 20% of the income of every single person you enroll, and as much as 10% on your second, third and fourth levels.

6.    Generational Bonus – this pays for unlimited levels up to four generations.

7.    Global Bonus Pool – Organo Gold enables you to have a percentage of ownership or share the profits of the entire company. Each month, Organo Gold calculates products sold in every single country. Three percent of all the revenue is divided into a number of pots among the Organo Gold leaders.

8.    OG Benz Club – this is perhaps the most generous car incentive program in the network marketing industry. An Organo Gold distributor must qualify to the Sapphire rank or higher for 2 consecutive months. You must maintain your qualification so you can have the funds to pay for a black Mercedes Benz with the Organo Gold logo.


Check out this article to learn more about the Organo Gold Compensation Plan.

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Why Organo Gold Worked For Me


There are lots of reasons why you should also consider joining Organo Gold. Personally, I find the following the reasons why my Organo Gold endeavor has been such a huge success:

•    It enables you to achieve financial freedom because there are 8 ways that you get paid.

•    Organo Gold provides the best training, support, and other aiding materials in the network marketing industry.

•    Organo Gold sells coffee as its frontline product (coffee is the second most exported good in the world and one of the most consumed beverages, thus making it a multi-billion market).

•    Organo Gold’s coffee is healthy coffee. You can choose from over a variety of coffee products. Click here to find out more about Organo Gold product line.

Check out my success with Organo Gold coffee. Click here to see the personal income I made from the business or get my free EBook here.


Wrapping Up Organo Gold

Organo Gold

So I have been a renowned Organo Gold distributor for over one year now and I was able to enjoy a 6 figure income out of it. However, just recently, in my quest to take my Organo Gold keyword ranking to a notch, I was placed in hot seat and was accused of something that I am not guilty of. Since October 5, I am no longer connected with Organo Gold, and this is the hardest challenge I am facing right now. I have invested not just my time and money in Organo Gold but I have put my heart and soul as well to market the business in the best way I know. I have always wanted to become part of Organo Gold’s promising future. I know that the company will undergo so many positive changes and new product launches in no time and I have always imagined myself partaking with Organo Gold’s success. However, some things are inevitable and I just have to keep hoping for the best.


If you are having second thoughts about joining Organo Gold, then I suggest you do your homework and seek the assistance of someone who’s able to create financial and time freedom out of it. Once you have decided to set your sail in this business, there shouldn’t be any hesitation along the way. Organo Gold is truly an amazing network marketing opportunity but you must bear in mind that you have to do your share and work hard to be successful at it. Remember, success is not achieved easily. It requires 99% perspiration. You have to keep moving and expanding your network of people. Network marketing is a numbers game and you can’t get the most out of it by remaining still on your couch.


With all these being said, I hope we all have a blessed life whatever option we choose or whatever circumstance we ran into!

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