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Organo Gold  Black Ice TeaI was already consuming the Organo Gold Green Tea when I heard about OG’s newest product – the Organo Gold Black Ice Tea! Released early this year, Organo Gold Black Ice Tea is becoming insanely popular at it captures the tastes of people worldwide. Who wants a healthy ice tea just like me? Well, you read it right – you can now enjoy a healthy black tea cold with Organo Gold Black Ice Tea!

Organo Gold Black Ice Tea is really no regular ice tea! I think most of you are aware that we get a lot of amazing health benefits from the tea tree extract, some of which are: lower cholesterol levels, inhibition of cancer cells, and is a rich source of anti-oxidant that can also give our skin a healthful glow inside, out.


Organo Gold Black Ice Tea Review


Organo Gold Black Ice Tea

You can Google for yourself the many other benefits of tea in our body if you don’t find what I shared comprehensive. Back to what I am talking about… Yes, Organo Gold Black Ice tea seemed like an answered request for the billions of Organo Gold consumers and distributors like me. Indeed, OG has stepped out from a mere circle of coffee products and came up with something really refreshing – the Organo Gold Black Ice Tea!

But then again, the healthy benefits of this product are not limited to the tea contents. As an authentic Organo Gold innovation, Organo Gold Black Ice Tea is also induced with 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum that adds up to the already healthy qualities of it.

Here is the link to my article: Ganoderma Lucidum: Health Facts from Recent Studies

Now, we not only feel instantly refreshed with this new cold drink but we can also feel relaxed all the time because we know that our body is protected from the harmful toxins.

Organo Gold Black Ice Tea can be enjoyed any time of the day because it is really affordable. At only $9.95 for 4 sachets and $35 for 20 sachets, you will certainly take pleasure in every gulp. I always drink an Organo Gold Black Ice Tea bottoms up and give it a two thumbs up rating.

Organo Gold Black Ice Tea is the newest and healthiest cold beverage out to date! It is awesomely refreshing like no other!

Watch the video below and find out how easy it is to prepare Organo Gold Black Ice Tea.

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