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There have been many reviews about Organo Gold that specifically targets the company’s compensation plans and the products. Coming across these reviews, especially if you are still in the decision-making process of joining Organo Gold, will certainly put you in confusion. Now, to counterpart all these unnecessary allegations about Organo Gold, let me reiterate some of the key points to keep in mind.

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Are Organo Gold Products Difficult to Sell?

Organo Gold Products

Organo Gold coffee and other products ready to be shipped

First, what’s this thing about Ganoderma mushroom, which is the primary component of all Organo Gold products?


Ganoderma mushroom has long been proven to have countless health benefits to humans. Ganoderma mushroom was traditionally used in Chinese medicine. In fact, Ganoderma mushroom was regarded royal by the ancient Chinese people to the extent that not everyone could avail of it.


Here’s an excerpt from my published content:


“This kind of mushroom has several health benefits. Actually, it has been used on Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 4,000 years to treat illnesses like asthma, liver problems and fatigue. It has the record of being the oldest kind of mushroom for medicinal use. It boosts the feeling of healthiness and well-being because of its many functions in the systems of the human body. Ganoderma Lucidum improves the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. What more? Ganoderma Lucidum increase the energy level and metabolism of a person. Ganoderma Lucidum targets different stages of cancer. It suppresses the propagation of cancer cells. As a result, its extracts are already in use for pharmaceuticals as cancer suppressant.”


To read the full articles about the health benefits and side effects of Ganoderma mushroom, click here.


Next, are Organo Gold products infused with Ganoderma mushroom truly icky to consume? Let me ask you another question so you can provide your own answer to this product taste issue.


Have you ever eaten mushroom gravy, mushroom pizza, mushroom burger, mushroom soup, mushroom omelet or any other dish with mushroom as an ingredient? Don’t they taste fabulous? If so, then what makes the difference when you consume a healthy cup of Organo Gold coffee in the morning? If mushroom pretty much complements anything else edible, then it is no exception for Ganoderma mushroom to make a perfect fit for Organo Gold coffee, chocolate, tea, supplements, toothpaste, soap and lotion!


Now, let me leave you with something to ponder on: do you think Organo Gold mushroom coffee is a tough product to sell?


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