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Your skepticism about Organo Gold probably led you to a website claiming that there is an ongoing Organo Gold investigation. I bet you have watched videos about Organo Gold investigation, especially this one aired by Channel 5 News and posted in


As an interested individual, all these are making you confused and leaving you in hard thinking whether to join Organo Gold or not. What are these allegations all about? Is there seriously an Organo Gold investigation happening? Is Organo Gold a massive scam that will strip your hard-earned money? Stop listening to hearsays and see just the facts right now!

Organo Gold Scam Allegations

Organo Gold Federal Investigations

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I won’t blame you if you feel this sense of panic upon hearing about the Organo Gold investigation, especially if you are a new distributor or you are eyeing the company for potential partnership. The entire fuzz about Organo Gold investigation leaves anyone out of faith for the company particularly if you don’t do your own research. has been sensationalizing all copies of consumer complaints that they obtained. Yes, everything is essentially a matter of mishandled facts and irresponsible journalism, telling people point blank that Organo Gold is under Federal investigations.


So, what are all these complaints about? Below are some excerpts from the information released by the Federal Trade Commission to You can find the real documents here.


Record # 1: “Company sends me text messages asking me if I want to make money in the coffee industry”.


Record # 6: “I was checking to see if this is a legal operation, or if it is at risk to ever be shut down or terminated. This isn’t a complaint, I am simply searching for information and to learn about this company.”


Record # 7: “Recorded messages states that you can make $1000/week selling coffee to your friends and family. Did not sign up for this harassing recorded messages and did not do business with this company. Please tell them to stop calling me.”


Now, tell me, do you honestly think that Organo Gold investigation deserves to be over-sensationalized based from these complaints? One of the mentioned complaints is not even a complaint but an inquiry about Organo Gold.


If you still aren’t satisfied about my arguments, let me show you how Organo Gold cooperates with the FTC in every complaint that it is associated with. Below is a copy of a consumer complaint addressed by Organo Gold:


Record # 12: “Consumer said she ordered Organo Gold Gold Pack at a special promotion price of 49900 with expectations that she would receive the products within 2-3 days. She was also charged 4905 for an OG Business Kit. She said all she received was a black binder containing 12 sachets and the website they set up contain too much of her personal information 3/4/2011 review and type cp4 letter to business 3/21/2011 type mail cp5 letter to business 4/19/2011 – Case reassigned due to Debbie being out for a non-determined amount of time (LAC). The business responded to the complaint and the consumer failed to respond.”


This only proves that Organo Gold handles every concern responsibly and carefully. It won’t put its brand at risk only because of malicious allegations and misconceptions about the company and its products. Organo Gold does not and will not harass or force anyone to join the company. People sign up for the business out of their own willingness. Organo Gold members only do their part by inviting over family members, friends or colleagues to see the business for themselves. People who decline the invitation will not be forced into Organo Gold.


The Federal Trade Commission just did its role under the Freedom of Information Act and provided KRGV with the information that they requested. FTC included a disclaimer in its response letter to KRGV: “You should know that the enclosed complaints have not necessarily been verified by the FTC. Therefore, you should make your own judgment about relying on the information provided.” However, I personally think that while KRGV mentioned about it in its report, it is something that they failed to do.


I hope this puts Organo Gold investigation off the filthy journalism practices.

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