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Many people join network marketing believing the most common lie that pseudo network marketers promise them – INSTANT WEALTH! The truth is no network marketing business could ever make anyone an overnight millionaire. Lesson one, ditch this overnight wealth fantasy!

Organo Gold Retail Commission

Other network marketing companies focus on the recruitment commissions to attract members but Organo Gold is entirely different. Out of all the network marketing companies to date, Organo Gold is the “King of Compensation Plan” less the guilt of robbing hard-earned money from its distributors and consumers.


By now you probably know that Organo Gold pays in 8 exciting and realistic ways: (1) retail profit, (2) fast track bonus, (3) dual team bonus, (4) uni level bonus, (5) uni level matching bonus, (6) generational bonus, (7) global bonus, and (8) OG Benz Club. Let me elaborate further this glimpse you have of Organo Gold compensation plan and discuss the fundamental of this business – the Organo Gold Retail Commission.


Check out Organo Gold’s comprehensive compensation plan here


Organo Gold Retail Commission


First, let me reiterate that the ideas I’m about to share here pertain to the way Organo Gold retail commission works in North America. While all other OG-dominated countries are under a single roof, each country operates depending on regulations.


Organo Gold retail commission is precisely the thing that attracts people to get involved and succeed in this business. The Organo Gold retail commission somehow dictates the style and behavior of each distributor in terms of building a consumer base or a distributor base.


The Organo Gold retail commission works effectively because OG sells products that people both want and need. Other network marketing companies front insurance policies, cosmetics, and others while Organo Gold developed a line of product consumed on a daily basis, that is coffee.


A large percentage of the American population consists of coffee drinkers, and most people spend up to $7 a cup for a Strabucks coffee. Imagine how they would go for coffee that sells for about a dollar but has the same quality as these high-end coffee shops.


An OG distributor can earn as much money when it comes to selling these coffee products. Organo Gold retail commission suggests at least 50% mark up for the original price of the products. Let’s take, for example, the Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee. The wholesale price of a box of Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee is $17 (30 sachets). As a distributor, you can even choose to sell it for $1 per sachet, totaling to $30 a box, which is almost a hundred percent mark up. Selling it this way would still have people craving to buy the product. Why? Simply because most people, especially Americans, love coffee! Besides developing products that people want such as coffee, Organo Gold also added the key ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum, which is something that people need. Once they find out how healthy the coffee you sell is, you’ll be surprised at the number of buyers you’ll be having.


Here is the Complete List of Organo Gold Retail and Wholesale Price


The Organo Gold retail commission can be perfectly applied to booth sales. Instead of selling cookies or other goodies, try bringing in Organo Gold beverages and selling it on a retail price. You will be pleased with the enormous crowd gathering in your booth to have a sip of your OG coffee products.


Giving out free coffee samples is another way to get the best out of the Organo Gold retail commission. In fact, those people who habitually hands out free coffee samples are able to build the biggest businesses.


These are but some of the unlimited ways to benefiting from the Organo Gold Retail Commission.


If you are looking for more information about Organo Gold business you can get my OG report in the free eBook. This eBook has all the information you need to be successful in Organo Gold business.


Organo Gold Retail Commission eBook

Watch the video presentation of Organo Gold Retail Commission by Sales VP Holton Buggs

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