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Have you heard about the recent allegations that pertain to Organo Gold Scam?


 Important Update

October 5th 2012

Looks like Organo Gold is really upset about the article I published “Organo Gold Scam: Top Twelve Allegations”. If you have read through the whole article, I was not violating the Section IV. Organo Gold Distributor Obligations.

Distributors will not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks about the Company, its Distributors, products, Compensation Plan, officers, directors, or employees.

Anyways, Organo Gold sent me this nasty email with this attachment (I have saved it in and you can see for yourself here).

I responded back to Organo Gold stating that I was not accusing the company but defending all the scam allegations online.  You can read my article and find out.

Following is the response I received from Organo Gold Compliance Department. Asking me to shut down my website!!!!

We are requesting that you remove the website and any other online content managed by you that may contain any reference to our trademark.
The recent video you uploaded on the Internet highlights negative impressions of the Company.Your online advertising strategy might be well intended nevertheless it is not aligning with proper representation of our business opportunity.

We request that you remove the website in its entirety and accompany the action with a notarized letter of commitment. Once remedial action is completed we will proceed to reinstate your account.

Compliance Department
Organo Gold Distributor Service
1 877 ORGANO 1 (674 2661)
Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm PST


And this is my response to Organo Gold Compliance Department

To Whom This May Concern:

I am in receipt of your email and unfortunately this will not happen.  I have invested a ton of money into branding myself as well as the Internet.  I make over 5 figures on the Internet alone with everything without Organo Gold so with that said you all can keep my back office closed down.  I believe in Multiple Streams of Income and at this time me losing my brand to become a 100% Organo Gold Distributor is not worth it.

Therefore I will not be signing off on anything and you all have a blessed life.  I am in the process of re-routing all my Organo Gold traffic accordingly.  DO NOT CHARGE MY CARD FOR THAT CASE OF COFFEE ON THE 15TH.  SHUT MY OFFICE COMPLETELY DOWN.


Annetta Powell




Now enjoy my original Organo Gold Scam Article below

You’ve arrived at this page because you are trying to find some truth about these allegations about Organo Gold Scam and what others say about the product, the organization that promotes the product, and why some believe that the whole stint is a scam.


You’ve probably been searching over the internet to find ways how to create a new revenue stream and have perhaps narrowed down your options into several choices and Organo Gold happens to be one of them. Selling the product seems promising, and so you embark on a more detailed research to find out how you can potentially earn from selling the product or joining their network.


Organo Gold Scam Reviews and Negative Feedback



To your surprise, you find out that the negative outweighs the positive. Why? Because there are so many allegations that Organo Gold is a scam. Here are some topics that you may have encountered online that feature Organo Gold Scam and top reasons why not to join:


The truth behind the Organo Gold Scam myth


Actually, the more you read about Organo Gold Scam, the more interesting it gets. Further on you get to ask, why are there so many negative reviews and why all these allegations, lawsuits, and issues? You feel compelled to find out more, and that’s why you are here.
Like any other company that’s going through change and adaptability, friction and tension always happens. Some see it as a catastrophe. Others see it as a challenge. That is what Organo Gold is facing right now. Organo Gold is being challenged because of its recent successes.


Here are a few facts that you might want to know about Organo Gold and the people behind the product

Organo Gold carries healthy alternative beverages which include coffee, latte, mocha, and green tea. These beverages include a 100% organic ingredient called Ganoderma Lucidum.


Ganoderma is a mushroom that is known for its many medical properties. Some of its most known medical uses are remedy for high-blood pressure and for detoxification.


Read more about Ganoderma Lucidum in this article


Organo Gold uses Multi-Level-Marketing. This business method has drastically improved over the years and is considered as an effective means to market products. Plenty of big and reputable brands utilize this technique.


Organo Gold has only been in the market in less than ten years and already it has achieved an A- BBB rating.


Organo Gold online shop is a user-friendly platform that processes your requests, orders, and transactions in a safe and secure connection.


And to answer your worries about Organo Gold Scam — Organo Gold is not a get-rich-quick program. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to achieve your goals. Success in Organo Gold is relative to your determination and your persuasiveness to achieve goals. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.



In almost every aspect — reviews about the product, news about the company that represent the product, and even the people behind Organo Gold seem to lead you to a series of evidence that lets you arrive at a conclusion that Organo Gold Scam is for real. Let’s start with the product:


Allegations of scam on Organo Gold product and its features


1. Organo Gold’s claim is that it is made of 100% pure organic ingredients and Arabica coffee. Allegations surround that the product is actually made of alternative ingredients which is contrary to what the product claims and that these ingredients may actually be harmful for the body.


2. Critics urge customers not to drink the coffee. Organo Gold causes high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease.


3. Order from an Organo Gold representative and expect to receive the wrong product.


4. Your credit card information is not safe when you order Organo Gold online.


Organizational Structure, Business Methods, and Practice


5. Organo Gold is facing multiple lawsuits because of their business methods and practice.


6. Organo Gold is not a BBB accredited organization.


7. Organo Gold is a pyramid scam which promise get-rich-quick solutions with no real results.


8. Organo Gold is Network Marketing that makes you believe that are you are working instead what they do is take your money by convincing you to buy their products in the hope that you will bring in referrals for them to earn more.


9. Organo Gold is MLM which in the past has been a questionable business practice.



The people behind Organo Gold


10. Organo Gold representatives lure young people into joining their network and then rip off young investors with their time and money.


11. Organo Gold networks make you purchase their products, takes your money with the promise that you become rich the fast and easy way.


12. Many have tried and failed.


Following is a video by Troy Dooly reacting to the false allegations by KRGV about Organo Gold Scam. I am studying all the reports from the FTC about the Organo Gold Scam allegation complains and watch out for that article. Watch the video and download the Free eBook/report that has all the information you need about OG.



My FREE eBook on Organo Gold gives the step by step success tips. Click the image below and get your free copy.

Organo Gold Scam


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