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Perhaps, you are one of those skeptics who wanted to have facts and figures presented right your very eyes before you believe at how wonderful Organo Gold business really is. While there are some people, who are obviously just badmouthing about Organo Gold, there are a whole lot more of Organo Gold Supertars who can prove everyone that OG really is today’s best network marketing business!

To put a stop to all those no-basis doubts,

Organo Gold Super Stars


Let me introduce you to some of the Organo Gold Supertars


Holton Buggs

Organo Gold Super Stars

Holton Buggs is one of the Organo Gold Supertars and here’s what he has to say about OG


“I launched my Organo Gold businesses on September 28, 2008. There were already about 7,000 distributors in the company so I wasn’t the very first to get in. I started as a distributor with a Gold Pack just like everyone else and worked the business for the first 90 days as if I was $250,000 in debt, 45 days away from foreclosure and facing repossession again.I hardly slept, ate, or saw my family – a sacrifice well worth it because I knew those 90 days would set us up for a lifetime”.

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Jose Ardon


Another person who made it into the list of Organo Gold Superstars is Jose Ardon. He is Organo Gold’s first ever Crown Ambassador, meaning his team was able to come up with at least $5 million in sales revenue within just a single month. Know more about his incredible story at

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David Imonitie


Whoever says that a college dropout won’t succeed in life obviously doesn’t know about one of the Organo Gold Superstar’s stories – David Imonitie!

As of June 2012, David Imonitie was able to hit $250, 000 in sales and here’s something he has to say:

“Learning how to grow in my capacity to believe in myself, the product and the company,” he said. “I asked Holton Buggs what was the difference between himself and everyone else. His response was that probably nobody else believes in the company as much as he does. Once he gave me that secret, all I’ve done is work on how to grow my belief.” (

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They are just 3 of the many Organo Gold Superstars who are now reaping the fruits of the healthy coffee business. Do you want to become one of them? Then better get started now!

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