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The Truth About Organo Gold Coffee Company

Since Organo Gold’s founding in 2008, it has become one of the network marketing opportunities that stir up mixed reactions and doubtful acceptance. A lot of controversies have and still surround this coffee business, which is primarily the reason why most people are having second thoughts on grabbing this home-based business opportunity. And this is also explains why a lot of us have missing a once in a lifetime chance of making our financial status better by shutting our doors to it simply because of negative hearsays about it when in fact, it truly is something worth trying.


Organo Gold Company and the Products Over View

As an overview of the product, Mr. Bernardo Chua, who was the man behind Organo Gold, centered the business on an ancient herb that has been utilized by the Chinese originally for royalty use thousands of years back. What sets this coffee product apart from all other similar ones is its main ingredient called Ganoderma mushroom.

Organo Gold

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One area of concern about this product line is whether it is another pyramiding scam or not. The fact that most people don’t want to invest their time, money and effort in it due to aforementioned reason is completely understandable. Of course, no one wants to put his money, time and effort to waste! But something worthwhile is also something worth knowing so before you bat an eyelash when anyone from the Organo Gold team tries to get you in, you must read this.


Often, the term “network marketing” speeds up the confusion. To put it simply and stop the uncertainties, a network marketing business sells products or services to consumers just like any other related business. The difference, however, lies in the fact that Organo Gold uses its network or users, retailers, and distributors to bring the products and services to the public.


Network marketing therefore is a business model used to avoid the many of the costly nuances that traditional business models face such as middlemen, the high cost associated with hiring people, extensive ad and marketing campaigns, and more. The truth about Organo Gold is that besides selling products directly to their customers and earning money based on retail sales, when distributors in the business sponsor, or introduce other people to the business they earn various other bonuses, which include fast-Start bonus, dual-Team bonus, unilevel bonus, global-pool bonus, car bonus, amongst other bonuses and benefits.


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Organo Gold

Watch real people testimonial and reviews about Organo Gold business in the video below

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