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Haste makes waste, and as such, routines of successful entrepreneurs entail planning each day to evade rushing through activities.

A well-scheduled morning translates to a productive day. The willpower to accomplish tasks is sharpened by healthy routines that give no room for ineffectual moments.

At times, the body wakes up tired and, the mind follows suit. To continue in such a fashion will adversely impact on an individual’s output. But when replaced by energetic drive, the brain functions alongside the body to fully achieve the goals for each day. Here are ten proven routines of a few successful entrepreneurs that keeps them going.


1. Meditation


It could be yoga or sitting still with soft background music. Whatever the form of meditation, it’s an integral part of every morning. Resist the urge to prematurely start your day going through series of activities immediately after waking up.  It’s best to set aside about 10-15 minutes to clear the mind and train your focus.

The mind needs training. It hops from one thought to another swiftly like a monkey in a frenzy. ”  Anywhere I am in the world, waking up is the same for me. I sit still for 5 minutes to reflect quietly”- Billionaire John Paul co-founder of Patrón tequila and Paul Mitchell hair products

2. Physical Exercise


Physical exercise works wonders in terms of putting the body and mind in motion.  O’Leary, the chairman of O’Leary Financial, says this about physical exercise in the morning  ” I work out for close to an hour because one’s health is an investment that pays dividends.” Exercise encompasses a series of activities, not limited to the gym. Like Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water, hiking in the early hours of the morning will suffice. Some may jog or take a walk around.

3. Set Your Priorities


Prioritize the tasks for each day. Yes, even after drawing a schedule of the activities for the week, set time aside in the morning to go through it again. Circumstances may have changed, and there may need to rearrange some activities. The CEO of LemonStand, Danny Halarewich, not only takes a perusal check of his mission for the day but takes it a step further by reading it aloud to himself. ” I review the top three things on my list and think deeply about why they matter to me” he adds. 

4. Set Goals


Setting goals for each day or an entire week can be beneficial in attaining success. Setting goals is essential such that when they are achieved, a sense of accomplishment is felt.  The day can get busy and tiring. But when there a list of goals, it’s easy to point to the ones accomplished. And this serves as a motivation to forge ahead and reach out for the next. The famous Benjamin Franklin would always ask,” What have I done today?”.

5. Make Gratitude a Habit


Get a pen and notebook to write the things you are grateful for. Tony Robbins, life and business coach, advises that each morning of an entrepreneur should begin with positivity. ” Write down a couple of things you are grateful for in the morning,” he says. It gets the mind focused on thinking of the positive, and this radiates throughout the day to facilitate creative thinking and the problem-solving ability for the brain.

Gratitude need not be about big or extraordinary things. Simple things counts!

6. Complete a Simple Task


Completing a simple task in the morning is a beautiful way to wake the creative powers and prepare for the day ahead.  A simple thing to do could be to make a lovely cup of coffee, which is what the founder of Digital Telepathy, Chuck Longanecker, does every morning.  Alternatively, making your bed counts as a easy duty that gives a sense of small accomplishment or wins. And when it comes to motivations, both small wins and big wins collectively work to bolster self-esteem and confidence.

7. Be consistent


Sticking to daily routines helps the body master the activities that will continue to boost it. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says he wakes up naturally without the assistance of an alarm. Over the years, he has trained his body and mind to wake up at the early hours of the morning.

” I keep the time in mind, and I don’t set the alarm. And over time, I wake up naturally between two minutes after six and twenty minutes past”- Oprah Winfrey.

8. Eat Breakfast


The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t a cliche. Breakfast is indeed very essential. “You are what you eat” – the saying is true and applicable for everyone who values a healthy life. ” I eat a balanced breakfast to attain my best self each day”- The CEO of Nvoicepay, Karla Friede.

9. Picture the Future


Take a moment, close your eyes and visualize plans coming together. Imagine accomplishing goals and let the success feel real while still your imaginations. This is exactly what AJ Kumar, the founder of Limitless Publishing does. ” I feel limitless,” he adds.

Picturing the future energizes the determination to continue pursuing goals relentlessly.

10. The Morning Brainstorm


” I tend to be more creative in the morning. It’s sometimes when I jog or ride around on my bike. During this period, my mind shuts to the environment and focuses on creatively solving business problems”- Lisa Shields, founder, and CEO of FI.SPAN. Brainstorming in the morning marks one of the best times of the day to create original ideas and concepts. Make good use of it!

Sticking to these routines require discipline because they are the blueprint of every successful entrepreneur. Each of these ten routines may not be easy to follow and make a habit. It requires effort and sacrifice. Rome was not built in a day, and you need not try to master all these routines at once or beat yourself up if you miss a couple of times. Take it one day at a time, a new morning a new habit.



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