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Self-care tips for entrepreneurs couldn’t be more important.

When you start a new business and embark on the path to entrepreneurship, the distinction between work and life can become very blurry. You are passionate, motivated, and driven to achieve your goals, but at what cost? You still have a family to care for, friends that cherish you, and your personal wellbeing that needs to be maintained. Sure there will be sacrifices that you will need to make in order to accomplish your goals, however contrary to popular belief, these sacrifices don’t have to involve imploding relationships, lost memories, and poor mental/physical health.

If anything, letting those types of things happen will lead to burnout and make your entrepreneurship journey more stressful than it has to be.

You have to take care of yourself despite the urge to work those long draining hours where you barely leave your desk, let alone see sunshine!

As many seasoned entrepreneurs can attest, you have to carve out time to take care of yourself despite those urges to keep working. What good is a thriving business, money in the bank, and tons of freedom, if you can’t enjoy it because you are now physically sick, mentally exhausted, and depressed due to lack of deep personal relationships? Worthless!

This year we’re accomplishing our goals, but we’re doing it the right way.


Tip #1: Make time for YOU

No matter what it is that you may enjoy, meditating, reading, playing sports, or even video games, you should make time for these activities in your daily routine. I did not say wait until there is free time, I said make time! As an entrepreneur, “Free time” almost never exists! There will always be something that your brain is telling you to do right now as if it was the most pressing urgent matter to ever grace your presence.

You should make time quiet your thoughts and really just be alone with yourself. This helps you to destress, find peace, and even helps you to find inspiration outside of your chaotic daily routine.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs schedule their “me time” in the afternoon/night. This helps them to wind down, reflect on the wins of the day, and de-stress for a peaceful night’s sleep.

When you set your daily to-do-list, make sure to include your “me time” activity and actually do it. You will thank yourself in the long run.


Tip #2: Eat for Energy

Outside of sleep, what you put into your body throughout the day affects your energy levels the most. Eating healthy, especially when you are busy can be a challenging task for many entrepreneurs. You are busy and always on the go, so the types of food you consume can easily become an afterthought. If you have ever started your day full of energy just to notice that you routinely become groggy/tired in the mid-afternoon, you know first hand that this energy lost can quickly spiral into an unhealthy out of control downward spiral.

Before you know it, you are downing cups of coffee like a mad person just in an attempt to get you through your day. Does it work? Yes. Is it effective at keeping you at your most efficient most productive self? Arguably not.

Make a conscious effort to eat healthy throughout the day. If you are low on time, consider meal planning services or doing meal prep. That would be fewer decisions you have to make on a day to day basis.

Your body and your mind will thank you.


Tip #3: Prioritize your sleep


“No Sleep Life” is an oxymoron at this point. So many of us believe that sleep is something that you must sacrifice in order to accomplish your goals and to be an effective high performing entrepreneur. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. This is something most entrepreneurs have to learn the hard way. However, if you’re reading this, you don’t have to learn this way.

Sleep is important physically and mentally. Without an ample amount of sleep (we are all different and require different amounts to function at our best), we are severely limiting our mental abilities such as decision making, creating thinking, innovation, and leadership. Lack of sleep also affects our physical health which could lead to us being more prone to sickness and disease.

Sleep permeates every aspect of our lives and is in fact the most important self-care tip that I can ever give.

Make time for sleep, whether 6,7,8, even 9 hours. Gauge how your body and your mind feels, then do your best to get that same amount each and every night. Your business, your mind, and your body will thank you.


Tip #4: Focus on the moment at hand.

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to get wrapped up in the future and the past. Agonizing over the decisions that we have made and the future unknown outcome they will cause. This can be extremely stressful and even downright debilitating if not managed properly. I like to call this the worry monster. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that I can heavily recommend. This technique helps us to quiet our thoughts and focus on performing our best in the “right here, right now”. By focusing on the moment at hand instead of letting our imaginations fixate on the unknown, we open ourselves up to deeper relationships, smarter decisions, and greater overall enjoyment of the journey we call “entrepreneurship”.

We can’t predict the future, and focusing on the past is literally futile and lend to tons of wasted time and energy that we could be using productively.

Take a second and do a bit of research on mindfulness meditation. I believe every entrepreneur should practice some form of this in order to live a better more enjoyable life.



These are just 4 tips that I believe can have an almost immediate impact on your day to day life. I want you to enjoy your journey towards wealth, abundance, and freedom. This journey is not something you should have to struggle for at the expense of the things that matter most. Remember we don’t know how long we have on this earth and despite our many goals and ambitions, we have to enjoy and embrace the gift that is life.

Until next time.

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