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“I want to be successful”—this statement floats around a lot these days—and it is expected since everyone dreams of being successful. Well, it’s one thing to want something, and another to work towards it. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the actions of some have prevented them from achieving success.

If only success comes without hard work and sacrifices, perhaps everyone will be successful—but that is sadly not the case. One has to reach out, work hard,  and grope for success. Additionally, some things are to be avoided. The following four things should be avoided to succeed as an entrepreneur.

1: Procrastination


Have you ever heard yourself saying ” I’ll do it later” and after two years or more you still haven’t done it? That’s exactly what procrastination causes. You keep pushing that business or book to a later time until you never start it at all.

” I was a freelance writer who had dreams of writing a book. Yet, even though I had everything ready, I kept pushing my start date forward. I gave myself many excuses, long story short, even after 4 years, I still hadn’t written just a page”— Isaac. There so many people like Isaac who procrastinated and they never really did start what they intended to achieve, thereby pushing their success forward.

Recognizing that “I’ll do it later virtually translates to not doing it at all, it’s wise to avoid putting off your dreams, projects, and whatever it is you want to achieve. We all have our goals and achieving them can mean success. So why hesitate to become successful? Remember, success only comes to those who work hard for it. As the saying goes– Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

2: The Fear of Failing


Winston Churchill once said — ” Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Many top entrepreneurs wouldn’t have been successful if they had given up after failing the first time. “Failure is not fatal” rather, it’s like a teacher—if you choose to learn from it. Take time to reflect on what you did wrong.  Ask questions; why did my business fail? why could have been done better? Analyze the situation and take lessons from it.

There are ideas many never thought would sell, and are now successful. For example, with the presence of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms, similar ones were still created and became successful. Imagine if the founders have been crippled with fear of the existing ones and trashed their ideas out of fear,  then they would have never created something successful.

3: Lack of Knowledge


Learning is unending. To acquire knowledge is of paramount importance to everyone, especially someone in a field reaching out for success. Knowledge is vital to success, you must understand fully what you are doing to be successful at it. Chance or luck will not bring success if you have no clue. You don’t have to know everything, but whatever role you are playing in a business or project, gathered enough understanding to achieve success.

You can’t become a construction engineer or doctor without learning, and the same is true for many other fields. Learning is important to avoid making the same mistakes time and again and to also prevent avoidable mistakes.

Don’t mistake courage for foolishness.  You need to learn, plan, and courageously take appropriate actions—this is different from being ignorant or clueless. Therefore acquire knowledge, and start preparing yourself for success.

Also, this century is marked with new development, making it necessary to constantly learn updates and new information. The method widely accepted a few years back is longer in play today, and to compete and thrive, knowledge of the new approach is important.

4: Not Having Purpose


Look around you—look at every business both online and physical, everyone seems to be targeting you. You are part of their purpose. They target you and many others to use their services and increase revenue and reach. That is their plan to grow bigger and more successful. Do you know what all these service providers have in common?—purpose. They have a purpose, and that’s why they place ads to grab your attention—to give you personalized offers, and more.

As these businesses are planning to have a successful business year, you can also do the same. PLAN TOWARDS SUCCESS! Have a purpose, and plan towards achieving it.  Do not just sleep and wake up every day doing the conventional. Be it short-term or long-term goals have one or more, and work towards them. Success needs planning, and planning gives a sense of direction. Remember if you don’t plan, then success becomes far-fetched or impossible.

More Tips For Being Successful

You want success, and so does everyone. Now is the time to quit wishing— “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Avoid procrastination and start taking bold steps today. Do not live in fear of failure, always remember it’s a teacher, teaching you to become better. And do not take knowledge for granted, learn, learn, and learn again—it’s never too much. Lastly, have a purpose, a sense of direction towards your set goals, if do all these then you are definitely on the path to success.

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