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It’s that time of the year! We are just mere days away from 2020. An entirely new decade! By now you know my take on goal setting and how I believe we should be setting goals continuously, not just for the new year! However, new years resolutions are absolutely fine…as long as we commit to them, believe that we can and will accomplish them, and then make plans to take action on them each and every day. As entrepreneurs, we often set goals that are success-driven directly tied to our business/finances. Today I want to give you a few “2020 Resolutions” that I believe every entrepreneur should set that will greatly impact not just your business but your personal life as well. 2020 is almost here so let’s get started!

Focus on your health

Entrepreneurship can be stressful, mentally, physically, and socially. In order to run your business effectively, you need to be at your best. If you’re exhausted and burned out how can you stay creative and come up with excellent ideas that will propel your business forward? How can you effectively lead and manage a team? How can you stay productive? Without focusing on your health, any goals that you set will become an uphill battle because you are no longer just working against external factors, but you are now working against yourself. Make time to focus on eating healthy and getting adequate exercise and rest. You may think “But Annetta, I don’t have the time!”…make the time. I promise the smallest improvements that you make on your own personal health will have dramatic effects on your abilities as an entrepreneur. A book that I recommend is “The Power of Full Engagement”. This book will shine a little more insight into the dramatic effects and results focusing on your personal health and energy will net you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Be Social

When we’re locked in on our business and personal development it can be easy to forget to stay connected with our friends and loved ones. We may even rationalize this to ourselves by saying that this is okay and it is necessary on our journey. I don’t believe it for one second. Not only will connecting with friends and families keep you motivated and recharged throughout the new year, but you will also open yourself up to more ideas and more inspiration that you would not get just focusing on your work. On top of this, you should make time to get active on social media. Reach out to your existing customers and meet new ones. Find out how they are feeling and work to build a more personal relationship with your audience. Small things like connecting with new investors, new customers, and new influences, will have long-lasting benefits for your business and personal brand Find a new platform to engage in and truly explore the platforms that give you the most reach. Remember, life is about living and connecting, don’t forget that this year.

Get out the office

You’re busy. I get that. But how much time to do you make for yourself to get out and get some fresh air, sunlight, and feel the breeze on your face? It’s incredibly easy for us to let time pass and realize that we just worked a 60-70 hour workweek. This is even easier to do if you still have a main “day job”. Spending too much time hunkered down working is a sure-fire way to end up feeling stressed and burned out “see #1 health”. Schedule time to truly let go and engage in some of your favorite hobbies. I mean really get engaged! Don’t go out to dinner and a movie with your SO and spend half the time thinking about your business and the problems you need to solve. Be present and in the moment and truly take a break. The mental clarity and rejuvenation will be profound. Don’t just do this once, be disciplined and make time for these types of activities weekly. Your business will not magically disappear because you took a few hours or a day to yourself every now and then. Get out of the office and step away from that desk!

Stay learning

Your business is up and running. Great. What are you doing to stay ahead of the trends? What are you doing to stay sharp and resourceful as an entrepreneur? It is incredibly important that you set a goal of learning a new skill. It doesn’t matter if its for business or just something that you have a personal interest in. You could set a goal to learn direct response marketing. You could even set a goal to learn how to make sushi! The only important thing is that you stay learning and keep acquiring new skills. You never know where these new skills may lead you. What will you learn in 2020?

Double down on leadership.

Becoming a better leader is a constant process. In order to truly achieve massive success and take your business to profound heights, you will need to double down and keep improving your leadership abilities. If you do not currently have a team, let 2020 be the year you build one. Bring on people that compliment your skillsets that can help free up time that you use to focus on scaling and growing your business/brand. When you build your team, they will look to you for guidance and inspiration. You will have to sell them on your vision while also selling your commitment to them on their personal growth and development. If you do these things, you will have a team that is ready to go to war for your cause. Do a self-evaluation and determine the leadership skills you need to improve. Once you have those isolated, work on them and put your new skills to test by actively using them.   These are just 5 areas that you as an entrepreneur can focus on that will have a positive domino effect on your business and your general wellbeing. I’m ready for 2020…and I hope you are as well! What are some of your goals for this new year? Drop them below in a comment. Also, share this with a fellow entrepreneur. Let’s win together!

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