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You have given it your all and yet you still ended up missing your goals. What could have been wrong? Perhaps no matter how much you reflect on the effort you have wasted, you cannot change the fact that might have committed some or all of the most common goal setting mistakes.


Yes, sometimes people who are really hard working are still doomed to fail… This is  because, s/he fails to recognize various aspects of goal setting, hence end up defying one or a few of it.


Here are 5 of the most common goal setting mistakes you need to stop doing:


Mistake #1: Not having a timeline


The best way to keep within your goal completion timeline is to break down chunks of goals into smaller ones. Making it a point to accomplish daily goals is an effective scheduling strategy. This will refrain you from cramming should you realize that the ultimatum you have set for yourself is approaching. Having a timeline keeps you ahead of the game.


Mistake #2: Setting unrealistic goals


One of the most common goal setting mistakes is creating unrealistic goals in the first place. People who do so also have too high of expectations even if they are aware of their limits. Many people set goals that cannot be completed within a specific timeframe no matter how hard they try. It’s alright to dream big, to challenge yourself. However, you also should give yourself ample time to achieve your goals. Great things require preparation.


Mistake #3: Setting goals based from other people’s expectations 


We are given free will and a mind of our own so we can decide for ourselves. With this said, we should not allow anyone, no matter how dear they are to us, to control our lives and dictate us what to do. Yes, they maybe after what’s best for us, but at the end of the day, it is us who truly knows what we desire and deserve, so let us always listen to the voice within.


Mistake #4: Failing to track progress


Okay, so you’re working really hard, setting realistic goals, and ensuring that you accomplish related tasks on a daily basis. However, you fail to track your progress. This is no different from setting an unacceptable timeline.  By consistently checking how much you have done and how far you have gone, you are more fueled to reach for your goals. Always keep an eye on your progress. This will serve as your motivation.


Mistake #5: Wallowing in failure


All of us may fail from time to time. However, not all of us is capable of wholeheartedly accepting the fact that failure is a part of life. Many people choose to wallow in self-pity, allowing failures to define them, eventually paralyzing them and taking away their passion for their goals. In times like this, the best thing to do is to look at failures in another perspective. Learn from your mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat it over. Instead of embracing failure, dust yourself off, and rise back. You still have your life ahead of you, so always make the most out of it. Keep trying. There’s no greater achievement in life than succeeding after you have failed many times.

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