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Shyness is one trait that has caught researchers’ attention with the aim to unravel whether it is genetically linked or has something to do with the environment. While shyness is not really considered as a negative trait, it can often hamper you from reaching your full potential and achieving your goals quickly.


In their efforts to understand the genetic nature of shyness, here are some of the things they found out:


Chronic shyness is genetically-linked


However, after you are born, the nurture component plays a big role. How uncomfortable you are with other people may depend on how you were brought up and exposed to others.


There’s a thing called the “shyness gene”


The truncated version of serotonin transporter gene (STG) is linked to chronic shyness. As you may already know, serotonin is responsible for the happy feelings, so lower levels of it affects one’s overall disposition.


The DRD4 gene is also found out to be responsible for adventure-seeking behavior. Truncated and lower levels of it puts an individual in lesser inclination to try new things and become stressed when faced with situations they consider threats (e.g. talking to or dealing with people).


Your interaction with people also plays a big part in your level of shyness


While researchers found these important genetic links to shyness, your personal experiences with people also has got to do whether you grow up more shy or learn to outgrow it. Hence, it is important that you do something with your shyness for your personal growth.




How does shyness affect your success?


Perhaps this is a question you want to ask. Well, too much shyness may cause your career or success goals to suffer. Here are some examples:


Shy people tend to reject promotion.


They usually begin their career later than confident people.


They aren’t great at networking and socializing.


They don’t present themselves well in job interviews and in front of people.


They tend to be indecisive when it comes to pursuing a career.


Shy people often choose careers that are less interpersonal.


Now, if you see yourself in any of the above-mentioned circumstances you definitely need a self-esteem lift! In the succeeding posts, we will be talking about ways to let go of shyness and build confidence so stay updated by subscribing.


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