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Handling Bad ReviewsMany websites and blogs are allowing consumers and users of various products to review them for others to see. For those companies that receive positive and encouraging reviews of their products, this is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

For those companies that get negative reviews, this is the worst thing – and one of the greatest business threats they face. Most customers base their buying decisions on the reviews posted on blogs and this means that negative ones can portray a company and its products badly.

In most cases, it is normal that some people give bad reviews and opinions about a particular company or product; but at the same time find others with positive comments about that same company. Trouble arises when you find most of the people having consistent or similar negative comments about a particular aspect of a company. Most readers of the reviews are highly likely to form the opinion that the product being reviewed is not good.

There is some possibility that companies might influence reviewers to post good information about the company and its products. Most consumers are aware of this and therefore they tend to compare reviews by different people from different sites. An objective bad review means that something is wrong; and the manufacturers or any other business dealing in the selling of that product should be concerned.

It is very important to take note of objective reviews. An objective bad review contains the name of the person who posted it, based on facts of logical arguments and reasoning.

Some people post negative reviews in a bad tone that may tempt you to respond angrily. Responding in anger will only make matters worse and complicate issues further. You should read the reviews very carefully to take note of the issues raised by the reviewers. It is good that you respond to the reviews in a reasonable time and promise the customers that the issues will be addressed. It will be very good if you start by thanking the reviewers for taking their time and reviewing your product.

You should let your customers and reviewers know that you do not take bad reviews as criticism or vindication of your products and services. Take the bad reviews in a positive manner and tell the reviewers that bad reviews to you are suggestions for improvement and that is what you intend to do to offer them the best. Never get emotional because of bad reviews, or engage the reviewers in an argument.

You should remember that the reviewers are past customers that are dissatisfied in one way or another by your products. How you handle the bad reviews will determine whether you will retain your existing customers and attract new ones. Constant bad reviews may signify a need for rebranding or further research to come up with better products that meet the customer’s expectations. For more information on handling bad reviews, damage control and other internet marketing tips, please subscribe to my blog.

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