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Nobody is born with all the essential qualities of a great leader.


Although many of us think that the ability to lead others is a gift, I believe that anyone can learn the essential qualities of a leader. Leadership, just like any other human trait, is not innate. So, whether you came from an influential family, chances are you won’t be a great as your mom, dad, or your grandpa when it comes to leading your subordinates.


Leadership is a trait that you learn across your life.


Yes, being born the shy type, most people will think that you won’t ever come out of your shell. Well, they are obviously mistaken. The environment you are exposed into, the kind of school you go to, the after-class activities you join, the friends you choose to have in your circle, the kinds of books you read, the training and education you acquire, along with other factors can definitely mold you into a leader that everybody will admire.


essential qualities of a great leader


The question is, “What makes a great leader?”


There are numerous qualities that make up a good leader. Now, if you think that good leadership is making others follow you out of fear, you definitely misunderstood the concept. A true leader makes others follow out of respect.


To give you an idea about the essential qualities of a great leader, here are some:


A great leader serves as a good example to his subordinates. He doesn’t simply give out orders or instructs his team mates what to do. He demonstrates how to do it and allows them to do it their own way, provided that the same positive result will be achieved.


A great leader loves to be around people. If you’re familiar with the adage, “No man is an island”, well it is something that is applicable in leadership. You cannot lead others effectively when you always distances yourself from people while expecting them to read your mind. A true leader works well with people. He understands how important it is to maintain a good relationship with everyone while of course retaining a barrier that distinguishes him as the leader. He considers the welfare of his team before making any decision. This is because he knows that the effort of each of his subordinates matters.


Another essential quality of great leadership is possessing the right skills and intellect. Since he is the decision-maker, he must be able to know the loops of the industry he belongs to. He always have solutions to all the problems that his team might encounter. He has the proper training and expertise to do the job well and carry out tasks successfully.


Also, we must not forget the remarkable passion and focus that a leader displays. He is a go-getter. He is driven and motivated no matter the circumstances. He doesn’t get bothered by unnecessary things. He keeps his eye on his goal. He doesn’t lose hope amidst obstacles and failures because he always finds a way out. He believes and claims his success even before it arrives so he definitely gets everything he aims for.


Lastly, a leader serves as an inspiration. Whoever leads others yet puts them down or looks down on them is not a leader at all. True leadership means inspiring others and training others to become like you. Genuine leaders is not scared of teaching others. In fact, he produces other leaders too. He generously shares what he knows down the line, in the hope of creating somebody just like him or even better than him.


Now, if you want to develop these essential qualities of a great leader, you must consider hiring a mentor. Feel free to contact me with regards to this matter.



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