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Good leaderLeaders are born, not created, or so they say. Others will also debate that they are made and not born. Whichever way you choose it to be, the traits and skills that a leader should demonstrate should be evident or honed earlier on in their life.

This will not only ensure that they get to hone them as they get along, and at the same time influence those around them positively as soon as they can. Doing so will help in growing the admiration of these people around them, building good relationships as they go along. Here are a few of the admirable traits that should be evident in a leader, to make him or her as effective as possible.

Know Yourself and Others

What are you made of? What are you strengths and that of your team? Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a good basis on where to build your foundation. An honest assessment of your strengths and of those around you will help you make the most of what you have and at the same time look for the things that you don’t have. It is important that you honestly understand what you are made of. This will also help you appreciate the capabilities and skills of others. In building a team, getting along with each other and having a parallel point of view is not enough. It is also important that you find something different from your members and incorporate them into your vision.

Choose a Vision and Communicate It Well

Where do you want to go? After a thorough analysis of your strengths and knowing what you have, asking where you are to go with your available resources and skills will get you started. Make sure you know what you want, and you know how to get there with the support group that you have. Remain transparent in your goals and communicate this well with your team. Effectively inform them and persuade them to act toward that goal and vision that you have. Empower them and get your message across through them. Keep them focused and goal-oriented while maintaining the virtue of camaraderie and being a team player.

A Leader Listens

Beyond sticking to what you know, it is important that you yourself are a team player. You cannot expect others the same kind of commitment to you if you yourself do not commit to them. Listen to what they have to say, and acknowledge their suggestions if it will help in building your team. It is said that to lead, you have to follow; And to be heard means to listen. Trust that their judgment is as sound as yours and weight if it is parallel with your vision. After all, you cannot see everything, and getting another perspective gives you more options into reaching your team’s goals while keeping the risks at bay.

Commit to Excellent and Persevere

A persistent and consistent flow of excellence will break the others no matter what. Slow and steady wins the race, and an excellent run every single time will help in getting there steadfast. Excellence however, does not mean keeping yourself always at the safe side. Moving into bigger and greater things while maintaining the optimism and confidence that lies in excellence will keep those doubts away. Look into the bigger picture and always think big. Believe in that vision and always be the best. For more information on how to become a leader, personality development and marketing tips, please subscribe to my blog.

Wishing you much success,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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