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Did you know you can become an entrepreneur even if you have a full time job?

You’re sitting in your cubicle, its Monday morning, the office coffee machine doesn’t work, and this happened to originally have been your only day off in months. You are probably thinking to yourself, “I can’t wait to leave this place once and for all”, you are just itching to walk right up to your boss and tell them you quit and you’re going into business for yourself! Your rules, your coffee.

Come back to reality, please, just come back!

Unless you are funded by a grant, trust fund worth millions, or huge personal savings, quitting your job isn’t just the right thing to do….yet. Several multi-million businesses started in garages and as side projects while the founders were actively employed. In reality, it’s not an easy feat- combining your full time job of almost 40 hours a week( if not more) with a side project. But that combining both is impossible is merely a myth.

An African proverb says, ” If I say fire burns atop a river, don’t dispel it- tell me to bring the ashes.” Here are the top six ways you can manage your business as an entrepreneur and still work full-time.

See your full-time job as an advantage


Your job is not some sort of heavy iron shackle tied to your legs and slowing you down. Instead, consider it as a support system or, better still, a fuel that keeps you going.

Every business needs funds to keep it alive, no matter how little. So, you need that paycheck to keep your idea alive and definitely to get yourself by each day. Hence, instead of you looking around to get funding, that will be out of the picture. You will be able to focus more on maximizing your time, which is what we will discuss next.

Maximize your time



Sadly, time isn’t aware of your struggle to balance a full-time job with a side business, and as such, it won’t wait for you or slow down. You simply have to take charge of your affairs and properly make plans to ensure every second count.

Working for about 40-50 hours a week, sleeping, recreation, and miscellaneous events, it may seem as if there is no time left. However, do not sit and start to complain about how little time you have. Focus instead on reducing the time spent on some activities. It could be- time spent using smartphones for social media, watching TV shows, and other recreational activities. Some even choose to wake up earlier than usual to utilize the few hours of the morning.

True, there will be emergencies to attend to due to unforeseen circumstances but learn to cover for lost time by depriving yourself of some comfort( it won’t kill you).

Work hard, work smart and be consistent



Building a business is a process that requires consistent effort. For the most part, it like planting a crop; your need to give it time to grow. And the growth won’t come overnight. It needs regular attention and patience.

In the same way, in which you will work hard to get water, fertilizer, and even take time to remove weeds and pest from a plant, a similar process is essential to your business. Let each day achieve something for you.

Set a goal of what you intend to do each day, and work hard to get it done. Don’t be received by some idea of locking yourself in a room, feeding on soda and junks, and coming out after a month to become the next Google(argh!). Just work hard and smart.

Let others do it for you



No motivation can give you the superpowers to do what you can’t. Be realistic and outsource some tasks. Due to your busy schedule, it’s only wise to outsource a task rather than try to learn everything. Somethings take months to learn and years to perfect it- you don’t have all the time in the world. Simply let others do it for you.

Use your allotted time wisely



The time allotted to your side project should be used wisely. Don’t be caught up in the web of continuous planning. Learn to execute. If you spend every time planing and patching your ideas, there won’t room to implement it.

Draw a plan of how you intend to use each period you set aside. Specify the time for:

  • Research
  • Execution
  • Setting New goals
  • Penning down achievements


Use your job as a practice and motivation



” When my business starts, I’ll just sit back and rest. I’ll even take frequent trips to Santa Monica” ( don’t be a dreamer). Starting a business of your own will take the same or twice the effort and time you spent while being employed full-time. Take your present full time job as an avenue to get used to working hard and reaching your peak performance.

What if you hate your job? Perhaps you hate it so much and can’t wait for your business to stand and quit it. Well, it might just be the right motivation when you feel like giving up- you remember how badly you want to quit and flush out any disappointment.

In any endeavor, especially in entrepreneurship, motivation is imperative to success. It fuels a forward drive that edges one closer to success.

Become An Entrepreneur With Expert Help

Although you may have heard it said that for one to make a success of a business, quitting one’s present job is necessary, but now, you know better. The tips above are practical guides and suggestions that many who manage a full-time job and business projects you have taken. Take a bold step today, take control of your time, and take your entrepreneurship dreams to the next level.






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