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Wondering how to get rid of procrastination? If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated, you’re in the right place.



Procrastination needs to be battled to avoid holding off from doing things that matter. Based on some deductions regarding humans, we tend to regret things we failed to achieve more than we appreciate things we’ve done. As we waste time, holding off from doing what matters, time keeps slipping away and so does success. Part of dealing with procrastination entails embracing and keeping a positive mindset.

Here are good ways to get rid of procrastination.

Focus on a Task


Each day of life is filled with tasks to complete. It’s human to have so many things in mind. Having a lot to accomplish isn’t bad, but it could be a deterrent to getting important things done — making one procrastinate. To combat this, look through all your task, tick the important ones. And then try to focus on one at a time. If you intend to start a blog amidst your busy schedule at work and home, try to evaluate other activities you are doing. Instead of trying to do everything at once, you may choose to focus more on the blog by assigning a week to kick start it.

Do not Hesitate, Begin Immediately

Picking a week, or creating a plan of what to focus on is great. The problem is starting the task. To battle this, do not postpone the start date — begin immediately! Push yourself to stick to the plan, and the best way to do this is to avoid missing the start date. Once you stick to the start date, there is a higher chance of sticking to the rest of the plan. Sometimes, if it becomes so difficult to get started, examine the “focus booster” below to help yourself.


Focus Booster


Focus booster takes about 5 minutes at most. It’s a good way to train one’s focus and battle procrastination. The focus booster involves analyzing what small things can be done even with a little timeframe. For example, if you would be free for just 5-7 minutes in a day, think about the little things you can do within that time and when the time comes, ensure you do it. Don’t think of what you will accomplish as too small, focus instead on the fact that you will achieve something –that is what counts.

The Power House Technique

The powerhouse technique helps you to achieve a lot without burning out. Simply create an allotted time to work on a project. When the time comes, put away every form of distraction and focus solely on using that period to the full. Now here’s the trick to avoid burnout or lack of interest– create breaks or recess. A recess makes the task a less tedious one and more of something to enjoy. You won’t see the next session as tiring and therefore postpone it. To start, make each session 25 minutes then go on a break. If you have more time, break it down into 25 minutes and put a recess time between each session.

Forget The Past

Forget the past and focus on the present. Don’t wallow in mistakes of the past — at a time when you procrastinated and lost the chance to have started something. Let go of the old times and focus on the present. Be kind to yourself knowing that no matter how much you criticize yourself, you can’t change the past. It is possible to think back sometimes and realize how much would have been achieved if you hadn’t procrastinated. Don’t let it weigh you down, rather, remind yourself that it’s not too late to start and focus.

Choose a Motivational Quote Or Song

There will be days when you will feel down and unmotivated. You need to prepare for such moments to avoid suffering a decline or coming to an halt. On days like these prepare a song or quote to motivate yourself. When it’s almost time or it’s time and you feel down, read that quote that will encourage you. Or it could be a song. Science has proven that music has a strong effect on our emotions–to strengthen or otherwise– so learn to pick an inspiring song you love.

 Know Your Fears

Many reasons can make you procrastinate. In the journey of battling this habit, it is beneficial to know why you have procrastinated in the past. Analyze your reason; did I experience some hindrances? Was it lack of time? Was it fear? This analysis will help you see how to tackle the problem. You will see what exactly needs to be changed, what to improve, and what steps to take. The entire process will benefit you and help you to avoid endless procrastination.

Learn To Let Go

Check through your goals, look at the list you created, and spot that particular thing you’ve been procrastinating. Then ask yourself, will I ever do this? Do I really need this? These questions are to help avoid holding on unnecessarily. Don’t force yourself to embark on so many projects. True, it’s a good thing to have many goals and aspirations, but remember that each of these things needs to be properly evaluated. You can’t jump on everything you come across just because you want to be successful, and if something is clearly not working out, let it go. Not everything will work out, so, don’t hesitate to cross off some goals in your to-do list.

Create Something To Fight For

Another way to stay motivated and achieve success is to create motivation. You could make a bet with a friend or promise yourself a gift.  For example, if you don’t complete a certain task in a week, then you will owe your friend perhaps money, lunch, or a ticket to a movie. If it’s a reward strategy, this means if you don’t complete the task, then you won’t have a reward– it could be a missed opportunity to see a movie or you miss a chance to eat your favorite meal.

Use these effective points as you endeavor to battle procrastination and aim to start achieving your goals.


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