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Are you an entrepreneur who’s finding it difficult to stay motivated?

As the stay at home orders and social distancing continues to be imposed, many entrepreneurs and others may be growing with frustration. Change is something that is inevitable however it can be difficult to adjust to, especially if the previous methods worked fine before. Learning to work remotely rather you are corporate or a small business owner has been difficult for many, but it has also become clearer than ever that this “new norm” will exist for a while.

For most of us, the responsibilities of our business will continue, and we are doing our best to push forward. I know these past few weeks you may have been staring at your computer screen lacking the drive to complete anything. As the world around you becomes more and more filled with uncertainty your motivation is on a constant decline. The very survival of your business depends on your ability to stay motivated. Whether you’re a real estate investor, have a tax preparation business, are a landlord, or anything in between, there are a few ways to stay motivated so that your business can continue to grow.

During this time you need new methods that are both strategic and effective. 


Focus during the motivated times



Do not make the mistake of punishing yourself because you are not motivated. In fact, it is not that you lack motivation it’s just you are not motivated 24hrs a day. To be honest, who is? Do you ever notice that certain periods of the day rather it is sometime in the morning, middle of the day or late at night you are flowing with ideas? There is no direct term for this time period, however, during this time of high energy, you should harness it all and be productive.

These periods of motivation are amazing and should be used to uncover your dreams. Also, this is the perfect time to brainstorm and tap into your inner creativity to decide what it is you want to accomplish in your business. Take advantage of this natural burst of motivation and act fast because it’s only for a short period of time. 


Set small wins


Your productivity is not at its peak right now and that is okay because we are not in normal times. It is important to understand that it’s okay and not beat yourself up about having a mountain of tasks. Like a good friend once told me, “there will always be something to do” so don’t let that overwhelm you. Setting small and intentional goals can make your day very productive.

Accomplishing those small goals or what I really like to say are small wins will give the confidence and motivation to conquer another set of tasks. Also, by setting smaller goals you keep yourself and business on track. Take all of your goals and break them down into small and attainable wins. 


Generative Gratitude

The best attitude and the most humble thing you can be is thankful, especially when someone does something nice for you. However, how can you be thankful when someone does not do anything for you or give you anything? Generative gratitude is appreciating the wins you already have in your life. Some use generative gratitude each morning as a mental reset to remember and appreciate all of the things going right in their lives. This is especially helpful in the midst of this pandemic.

Ask yourself, what should I generate gratitude for, and give yourself the boost you need in the middle of the day. 


Prioritize your mental health



How can you possibly stay motivated when your mind just will not shut off from anxieties. Your mental health is a priority and should not be put last. There is a lot to be stressed about right now, the question is are you piling deadlines on top of those anxieties?

Taking care of yourself is the primary in managing your mental health. Rather you are taking a stroll around the block, working out, or taking an online yoga class, do something for the mind and body. Do the thing that is most therapeutic for you, rather it is reading, watching Hulu, or simply going for a walk. Manage your stress levels by removing yourself from things that are stress-related. Another thing to avoid is feeding the beast. It is nothing wrong with staying up to date with current pandemic news coverage however too much just heightens anxiety. Stay informed, but do not get too wrapped in it.

Your mental health is important to the functioning of your business and most importantly to the functioning of you. A wise person once said you are your first business. 


Certainty Reflection



We all know that uncertainty creates a very stressful environment. However, to alleviate the stress it is important that you focus on things that you are certain about. One example is your faith and spiritual beliefs. Refocusing on your core values and remembering how far you have come helps to get you back centered. 


How will you aim to stay motivated and flourish during the second half of 2020?

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