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Lack of confidence can be emotionally and mentally crippling that is why many people who want to do something about it enroll in various personal development courses.


Truth is we all feel a little shy at times, and it is a normal thing because the feeling of awkwardness goes away as one become comfortable with situations and people. What makes shyness a bad thing is when you can no longer function well because of it. You lose every bit of your self-confidence, making it hard for you to achieve your goals.




There are many reasons why people feel extremely shy, and some of these are:


The initial feeling that people don’t like you and won’t be interested in you.


When you are around people who elevate themselves too much, you tend to qualify

yourself based on their circumstances and just choose to keep mum when you feel

you aren’t even close to what they have.


You hold a bad image of yourself so you think that others will have the same towards



The great news is there are numerous ways to break out of your shell and start building confidence.


Avoid using your phone as a security blanket when you’re around people. Instead, start

a conversation with one or few people if given a chance.


Maintain eye contact when conversing with others.


Do extracurricular activities like going to the gym, enrolling to a cooking class, or taking

up a short course.


Learn to compliment yourself and others.


Learn to be comfortable with yourself.


Always have a positive outlook.


Be natural and don’t try to pretend just so others can accept you.


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