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Remember when you were passionate about securing a position in class or were determined to be the first person to meet a sales target at work. It used to be easy to find ways to get going. Suddenly none of those things excite you. Instead, you find yourself running from opportunities and socializing.

Often there comes a phase in life where you feel like the zeal you had is lost. You do not feel like getting out of bed, and everything seems mundane no matter what you do. Eventually, this lack of motivation affects your creativity, energy, and emotional capacity.

Even menial tasks like washing dishes can seem daunting if you have no zeal. The best way to get out of this rut is to realize your situation. Once you have identified, it is only a matter of time before you can work towards regaining motivation.

Here are a few ways successful entrepreneurs can push themselves the extra inch, even when they feel unmotivated.



The ten-minute rule


If you decide you do not want to do something before you even begin, you will never be able to escape this cycle. Here the ten-minute rule can do wonders. All you need to do is convince yourself to continue a task for ten minutes, after which you have permission to quit.

This serves a dual purpose. It breaks your lazy regime and gives you enough motivation to start the task, even to quit it. And beginning the task in such cases is half the work. Once you begin the task, there is a high chance that you might enjoy and continue doing it.


Create goals for yourself


Lack of motivation often comes in the absence of goals and missions. When you do not desire to achieve something, in particular, your energy levels can go down. Expand your horizons and explore new avenues. Set out goals for yourself that encourage you to try new things.

Try parasailing, go swimming or learn how to drive!

Write out your schedule, post it on the wall or somewhere visible, and use checkmarks to mark off chores as they are accomplished. The satisfaction of completing everyday activities will boost your mood and motivate you to set more significant goals each day.


Surround yourself with positive people


The people who you spend time with have a great influence on you. If your friends and family members are optimistic people, their positive energies will get rubbed off on you.

If you find yourself constantly talking or whining about one issue or another, it may not be you who is to blame, but rather your company. Keep company with individuals that encourage you to think about life and push you to achieve your objectives.


Fix your environment


Your mood is often reflected by the place you are in. Staying in the same room, working in the same office, and even traveling the same routine can make your life seem monotonous. Try to incorporate change in your life.

See what gives you inspiration and motivation. Is it a unique color, sunlight, artwork, or plants? Change the color of your room, get new curtains, or even add a few plants in the corner. These might seem trivial changes but can actually have a considerable impact on one’s mood.


Interact with nature

Contrary to popular belief, for nature to inspire you, you don’t need to be a person who loves greenery. Just a break from people, pollution, and chaos, in general, can work in your favor. Stop everything and just go to a park – sit on a bench and breathe the fresh air.

Whether you go for a walk near your house or travel to scenic places, fresh air can calm you down. The soothing effect it has on your soul often works as a reset button that reboots your inner system.


Seek Help 

While it is impressive to figure out your problems independently, there is no harm in reaching out to others who can make the journey easier. This can either be people you consider mentors or even professional therapists.

Choose a mentor and meet with them regularly to discuss your objectives and receive support from someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to navigate it. Do not hesitate to seek professional help, just like you would not think twice before going to a dentist for a toothache. Loss of motivation can result in increased stress and depression.




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