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There are various types of goals that can help you become successful. This may seem surprising to most who only view goals as a general aim.


Many of us just set general goals. This is also the reason why most of us are doomed to fail. If we only knew the types of goals and work on each, the path to success will be so much easier.


What are the different types of goals?


Achievement goals


These pertain to the final outcome of your hard work. Examples of these are: (1) Retire at age 40, (2) Make your first million at age 25, (3) Boost your sales by 20%, (4) Be promoted by December, (5) Earn your post-graduate degree at age 30, and so on.


Action goals


These are the regular and scheduled actions you take to make sure that you meet your achievement goals. Examples of these are: (1) Get in touch with all your contacts to present your business, (2) Attend seminars and workshops to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills related to your niche, (3) Invest some of your money, etc.


Layered goals


These are goals labelled in different levels of priority. Layered goals stretch your performance beyond the minimum. Examples are: (1) Top priority – finish one personal development book every month, (2) Medium priority – finish two personal development books every month, (3) Low priority – finish three personal development books every month.


Rate goals


Personal development activities can often be classified under rate goals. These are the kinds of goals that are repeated over time. Examples include: (1) Exercise 30 minutes daily, (2) Write down your thoughts on your journal every day, (3) Reward yourself with a vacation once a month, and the likes.


Limit goals


These goals help you manage your time effectively. Examples are: (1) Spend below $250 monthly on personal wants, (2) Go to bed before 11 PM every night, (3) Spend less than an hour completing your lunch during work days.


Exclusion goals


These help you identify the things that you will not do to improve your life better. Examples are: (1) Avoid eating in fast food chains, (2) Don’t use Facebook until you finish what you have to do daily, (3) Turn off your gadgets when you are spending time with other people, etc.


Incredible goals


These are your ultimate goals, which are often far-fetched and highly-optimistic but can still be achieved over time when backed with intense focus, coherent action plan, and broken down into smaller and much-realistic goals. Setting incredible goals fuels up your drive and passion. While these goals are often difficult to achieve, the feeling of accomplishment is truly indescribable once you are able to reach it.


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