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Do you dream of having a better life for you and your family? Have you always wanted to achieve financial and time freedom yet still live the same kind of life year in and year out? You probably are doing something wrong… Can you honestly tell me that you don’t nurse procrastination in your daily life?


There you go! Now, I see why a lot of opportunities are passing you by…


Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles that people face. However, truth is we all procrastinate a bit at times. Others just know how to deal with it while some let procrastination take over their lives. What distinguishes really successful people from those who get average results and those who remain stuck in their unpleasant situation in life is their level of action.


Truly successful people know what needs to be done, how to deal with situations whether these are in favor of them or not, and the outcomes that they desire. They then work towards success, doing the best they can to ensure that they accomplish something on a daily basis. They create an action plan and stick with it. Should there be a need for them to adjust their plans, they make sure that their end-goal isn’t affected.


On the other hand, those who find it hard to change their lives for the best don’t just have a simple case of laziness. Most of the time, deep-seated insecurities, fears, and emotional blocks get in the way. They look down on themselves and doubt their abilities to achieve success, hence they attract what they think of – failure.


All these negative feelings are useless and just total waste of your time and energy! When you want to achieve something, believe in yourself and trust your abilities. If you can think about it, it means you can do it. Look at the obstacles as challenges and not as reasons for you to give up, but first, you need to outwin procrastination.


How can you avoid procrastination?


Everything we do in life involves decision-making. The same goes with procrastination. You can choose to nurture it and let it ruin your plans and your life or just shake it off and act.


There are numerous simple ways to overcome procrastination, some of which are:


– Read personal development books or enroll in personal development courses/training.


– Be persistent. It is the key to success.


– Look at things in a different perspective, don’t wallow in failure.


– Maintain a positive disposition in life. It will keep you going in hard times.


– Research. We live in an online world and all the information you need to succeed is



– Take baby steps. Make sure you accomplish something each day.


– Be the first person to believe in yourself and in what you can do.


– Hang out with successful people. You will learn a lot from them.


– Have a support system who will cheer you on along your journey. They can be your

family and/or friends.


Procrastination is just a state of mind. If you have enough drive and motivation to succeed, you will definitely not allow it to take over your life. You alone know what you are capable of. Always challenge yourself and never let a single failure define you and make you doubt your abilities. When you follow all these simple tips, you’ll be surprised at how far you have gone.


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