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Is your business on Facebook? Join us as we take you through 3 Secrets to building a money-making brand on Facebook.



With over one billion active users on Facebook, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities offered by the social media giants. The platform provides business owners the opportunity to target their preferred audience by narrowing down their search to a specific location, age, likes, gender, and interests.

You can also reach out to your audience based on their level of education, relationship status or occupation.

This makes Facebook really valuable to businesses as you can now narrow your search for potential clients to the target audience with a good chance of converting to sales and business partners.

How do you maximize this opportunity to build a money making brand? Stick around as we bring you top secrets that will help you grow your Business on Facebook!



The very first step you should take when putting your business on Facebook is to create a fan page. Your company probably has customers who have Facebook accounts. A fan page will unite your fans and also help you reach out to people who you will probably not meet in person.

It gives you an opportunity to create a link that brings all your customers and prospective customers together. What’s best? It is unlimited! Your personal Facebook page has a limit of 5000 friends. A Facebook Fan page is infinite. This means you can connect to so many people on Facebook and bring them closer to your business.  



Now you have an audience you probably want to convert to sales. How do you keep them long enough to get you into business with them? Great Content!

There is so much content on Facebook already. If you want to break into that audience, you sure must have great content.

You have to engage your audience with good content and keep them begging for more. This way you get them coming back to your fan page.

Very important! Manage your fan page correctly by making sure you have the right access and permissions to post your content. You can decide to publish your content directly from your personal page to your fan page or post directly on your fan page.

You can also limit the number of content on your page by deciding who posts on them. You can let other people post on your page, but remember to control the amount of content, so it doesn’t override your goals for the page.


Now you have a Facebook fan page and great content rolling in, what’s next? You need to touch base and make sure the primary purpose checks out. You have to put out the right information so your potential clients could reach out for business.

Information like a great “About Us,” a link to your website and your working hours should be readily available on your fan page.


Your business needs all the right exposure it can get. That’s why you need to take advantage of Facebook and spread out your net for potential clients. For more information on how to build a money making brand on Facebook go to


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