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Instagram rose from just being a little cousin to Twitter into being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. If you are yet to take advantage of the platform to grow your business, now is the time.

Come on board as I take you through 3 secrets to building a money-making brand on Instagram.

Why Your Brand Should Be On Instagram

Want to get up, close and personal with potential clients without meeting for lunch? Check out Instagram! Almost everyone with an Instagram account checks it daily. This means that you can show your potential clients your business and let them know how your business can help them grow every day.

How do you build your business on Instagram? Check out 3 of my secrets to creating a money making brand on Instagram.

Engage Your Audience

The very purpose of putting your business on the gram is to engage your audience and get them to know about your company. The fastest way to go viral is by breaking the gram. Celebrities know this and business owners too can use this rightly.

Research has shown that Instagram outranks other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr when it comes to engaging followers. A lot of Instagram users have more of their personal lives on the platform, so it’s easier to skim through and reach your target audience.

So, how do you engage your followers on Instagram?

You need the right visuals!

Visual content is what you need to attract and keep your audience on Instagram. Viral pictures, short video clips, and posts will keep your Instagram page alive and your audience happy.

You also need to always comment on your posts and readily reply to comments from other users. This way you will keep your audience engaged, and they will be happy to follow you.


Grow Organically

It’s possible to buy non-existent followers just to impress people and make them think your account has enormous traffic coming to your page. However, this smart trick will eventually bury your original goal of growing your Instagram Page.

You aim to reach out to real people, and you can’t achieve that when you buy followers. It’s better to have a few followers that are active and interested in your business than thousands of non-existent followers you can’t engage.

Grow your profile organically, get real people to follow you and learn about your business. It will take time, but it will pay off, eventually.

Be Consistent

For you to keep your audience engaged, you need to consistently supply them with great content. You should post at least 3 times daily, so you will always have fresh content for your followers.

Also, reply to your audience promptly and keep the conversation lively.  Sounds difficult right? When you do this the correct way, you will surely enjoy the benefits.

Summing It Up

These tips will help you grow your business on Instagram. Take advantage of social media marketing today and expand your brand beyond limits. 

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