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Want to sell your flipped property at a higher price? Home staging is one way to do it! Research has shown that staging your home can increase its value by 10%. Staging your property makes your house look more attractive, so the buyers pay a higher price. Following a couple home staging tips might be the most lucrative thing you could do while selling your property.

Here are five ways that home staging helps your buyers see their dream home in your property.





1.   First Impression is Everything


When staging your home, you must focus on presenting your buyer with a clean, tidy look. The front of your house is the main thing. Start by mowing your lawn, trimming the trees, repainting the fence, etc. You can add some new flowers to add color.

Also, deep clean from the insides, including hallways and garage. Fill the cement holes if there are any. If your main door has a dent or the paint has chipped off, try repainting it and changing that rusty door knob. Repaint the whole property, if necessary. A fresh coat of paint might be the best investment you can make!


2.   Depersonalize


An important tip is to depersonalize your space. For your buyers to envision their life in the house, give them the canvas to paint their dreams. Consider removing family pictures, wall hangings, toys, personal belongings, and fridge art. Keep the clothes out of sight. You might be okay with your pet stuff lying around, but your buyers might not.

The aim is to take down anything that might be the owner’s rather than the buyer’s. Give a neutral color to the children’s bedroom and the themed rooms to provide an empty playing field.


3.   Less is More


While staging your home, you must make it airy, welcoming, and big enough to fit a family. Clutter distracts the buyers from the room and makes it look overloaded. Now is the time to put all the stuff you don’t use regularly and safely stash it away.

Decluttering will make your house look big enough to fit the new family’s belongings. Remember to reorganize your cupboards and not overload them. Buyers usually check the insides of the cabinets too. A crowded storage space looks small and gives an impression that it would not be able to store the new homeowner’s stuff.

If you are repainting your walls or redoing the wallpapers, choose minimal designs with cool tone shades. This will help the rooms look bigger and airier. Avoid dark metallic colors no matter how much you like them. A vital tip is to add mirrors because they create an illusion of a bigger space than it is.


4.   Redo Bathrooms and Kitchens


You should give special attention to bathrooms and kitchens as they are the deal breakers for most potential buyers. Remodel the whole space, changing the tiles and the floor if possible.

However, if you are on a budget, tiny things like replacing an old faucet, fixing a leak, and changing the towels can go a long way. Don’t forget the importance of clean bathrooms. A thoroughly brushed tile floor and a clean toilet can do wonders.

Don’t forget to clean and reorganize your kitchen cabinets, including the refrigerator. Don’t hesitate to give them a quick coat of fresh paint. Remove all kitchen supplies and toiletries and add towels and soaps to provide a clean look.


5.   Focus on Fresh


Dark rooms are sad. Try opening the windows to let the fresh air and light come through. This will also take away any lurking smells. Make sure no part of the house has an odor that may seem unpleasing. Try adding fresh flowers for a pop of color. But do remember that many flowers in one place may seem cluttered. If you don’t have the time or experience to care for fresh plants, artificial ones will do too.

A bonus tip is to add some essential oils or humidifiers to the place to provide a more welcoming feeling!


Want More Home Staging Tips?


In a nutshell, home staging is great for increasing your property value – if done right. Your goal should be to help your potential buyers envision a happy life in your house so make it welcoming and comfortable. Some quick tricks are making it look neat, spacious, and open to personalization. 

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