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Entrepreneur – en·tre·pre·neur: a person in entrepreneurship who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.


Why Enter Entrepreneurship?


Some people believe successful entrepreneurs are born whereas others believe it’s is a skill that can be acquired. Whatever your stance is on this topic, we can all agree that some people are just destined for this. If you are in limbo on whether entrepreneurship is right for you, here are a few things that may indicate that you are in fact destined to be an entrepreneur.


There’s got to be more to life…

Have you reached a point where you are starting to feel less content, even when the company you dreamed of working for hires you? That unfulfilling feeling may be a sign that being your own boss is for you.

This may seem confusing because you are working the “dream” job that you have always envisioned yourself working. However, your talents are not reaching their full potential because they are not being applied in the right space. You will always be in the right space when you are doing what you are passionate about. You will know what you are passionate about when you are experiencing struggles and still at peace with the work you are doing. When you find yourself constantly wondering if there is more to life then I suggest that you pause and reevaluate everything and the path you are currently on.

As an entrepreneur, you choose what life is to you.


Are you a risk-taker



Were you the first kid to jump off of the high dive into the 12ft deep pool? As a child, you may have been one of the few who loved doing things that others were afraid to do. If you get a rush from taking risks then entrepreneurship is a great suit for you. It takes an immense amount of courage to walk away from a comforting career and head down an uncharted path. As an entrepreneur you have to take calculated risks every day, big emphasis on calculated. However, as calculated as the risk may be, it is still a risk that has to be taken. If you are a natural-born daredevil then entrepreneurship is most definitely for you.


Do you like making your own money



When you have a burning desire to be rewarded directly for your services this is a clear calling card of an entrepreneur. Many founders create their startups when they feel they have peaked or just simply have had enough of using their skills to build someone else’s dream. Nothing feels more demeaning to an entrepreneur than bringing someone else’s idea to life for a less than a fair wage. As an entrepreneur, you will bring your idea to life as well as build a team around it. Most importantly, as an entrepreneur, you will make your own profit with your own services. To an entrepreneur, there is no better feeling than lining your own pockets. 


Ideas that you just can’t let go.


Every great startup has a founder who had a burning desire to solve a particular problem. This founder has gone through countless obstacles as well as self-doubt and fear. However, no matter the obstacle or fear of how much it may cost, the founder of that amazing company never got rid of the desire for change and continuous growth. About 3 years ago Jay Z said he kept waking up at 4:44 am which led him to create the 4:44 album.


Other Tips For Entrepreneurship


This platinum-selling album provided many tips on financial freedom and overall growth. I bring this up because many of us thought Jay Z retired from his solo career however it was something burning inside of this entrepreneurial mogul. That idea, desire, and passion that keeps you awake some nights should not be ignored because it will not go away.  


If the above sounds like you….you must answer the call


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