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Holding an Open House is a great way to attract potential buyers into your home. However, not every Open House effort turns box office. In planning your Open House, there are some things you will need to get done. Listed below are some things you need to do to ensure that your Open House will be a successful one!


Open House Tips


Open House

Advertise and submit listings online


Announcing your Open House date through online venues like social media websites and through property listing websites can help you spread the word fast. You can also go offline and channel your advertisement on local newspapers. Interested buyers check both these online and offline advertisements.


Check the weather


Make sure to plan your Open House during a clear, sunny season. This will eliminate the inevitable weather from ruining your Open House.


Map Your Open House Signs


Of course you don’t want your prospective buyers to get lost finding where the Open House is taking place. To avoid inconvenience and make sure that you don’t miss out on anybody, have your Open House signs noticeable. First, identify the closest and busiest intersection on the way to your property and place Open House signs. Make sure that every post/block has your Open House sign, with the arrows pointing to your home direction. To make these signs easier to see, attached colorful, stringed balloons on it.


Remove all vehicles from the driveway


This can easily be done by politely asking your neighbors not to park in front of your house. Open all the drapes, blinds, curtains and any other window coverings. Allow the sunlight to make your place look brighter and give the feel of a welcoming home. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to use air freshener because many people are allergic to synthetic odors.


Turn on every light in the house


This exempts noise-producing lights such as those connected with exhaust fans.


Put on some music to set the mood


Appropriate music can make your Open House more inviting. Of course, don’t make it too loud that it entirely masks the conversations.


Have your flyers ready


Your flyers should nicely contain some photos of your home, property acquisition terms and available financing options. This enables your prospects to go over it again even after the conclusion of your Open House.


Serve refreshments and snacks


This doesn’t mean that you have to prepare an elaborate or catered meal. You can have a simple yet elegant pica-pica and bottomless drinks at their own service. Remember, prospects won’t come to your Open House for the meal but to check whether your property is what they are looking for or not.


Create a bulletin board with various pictures of the house during different seasons


This will give your prospects an idea of how your home looks like on certain seasons.


Display an upbeat and welcoming attitude


You’ll never know who you’ll bump into during your Open House. A lot of times, we can make the mistake of pre-judging prospects based on their appearance. This must be avoided during your Open House. You must make each of your guest feel that they are welcome to check the place and ask you their questions. Treat each as your “perfect buyer” so you’ll spare all of them the information and treatment they deserve. Going their way to visit your place surely signals their interest and you don’t want to spoil it with a frown or some dead air.


All of these tips are intended for the success of your Open House. I know these because I have been a key player in the real estate industry. However, beyond these preparations, you would want to make sure to discuss interesting features of your property to your guests. Tell them about how nice the neighborhood is, the proximity of the place to schools, hospitals and other necessary establishments. Create that long-lasting impression to make them buy your property. Remember, the goal of holding an Open House is to SELL, SELL, SELL!


One more thing before you conclude your Open House is to ask for your prospects’ feedback. Ask each of them about their opinion of your place. Shake off your hesitation and ask them in a not-so-pushy manner. Who knows, they might decide to make an offer RIGHT AWAY


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