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We’ve all heard the phrase knowledge is power. But do you know the true meaning behind this phrase? Do you hold a deep understanding of how knowledge can transform your life?  


This well known phrase was said to have been coined by Sir Francis Bacon. However, the phrase likely gained its popularity from this quote uttered by Thomas Jefferson:

“My hopes, however, are kept in check by the ordinary character of our state legislatures, the members of which do not generally possess information enough to perceive the important truths, that knowledge is power, that knowledge is safety, and that knowledge is happiness.”

Often times the most powerful factor in many people’s lives is money. Money allows us to purchase food, pay rent, put gas in our tank and so much more. However, even money isn’t as valuable as knowledge.

How you should be spending your time

You’ll find the most successful people in the world tend to have one thing in common — they spend at least an hour every day learning something new. These people realize that success doesn’t come from the amount of money in their bank accounts. It comes from the knowledge of how to keep money flowing into their bank accounts.

Any average Joe can get lucky and win the lottery. But what’s to stop someone from suing you for one reason or another and thoroughly cleaning out your bank account? What happens if you fall ill and you spend every penny you have paying for the hospital bill? What happens if the economy crashes and you lose most of your money in the stock market?

While having an expansive bank account is way one to measure your success, possessing the knowledge of how you grew your bank account in the first place is invaluable.

Spending your time accumulating knowledge often comes with a large return on investment. If massively successful entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet and  Bill Gates set aside time every day to learn something new why can’t you?

Perhaps, you’re like most Americans who spend five hours or more a day watching TV. If you don’t find that stat appalling that might be part of the problem. Imagine what you could do with an extra five hours every day! You could learn an instrument. You could finish writing that book you’ve been putting off for years. You could start a business. You could learn more by reading or watching educational videos online.

You could do anything  with that much time on your hands. Sadly, most of us don’t value our time as much as we should. We simply throw it away and that, my friends, is simply sad. Your time isn’t like money, which can be replaced. Time is the one thing that can never be replaced.


Knowledge is power. Your knowledge is  something that can never be taken away from you. Spending your time wisely and cutting out the useless activities that dominate your time (such as five hours of television every night) can truly transform your life. You’ll find that once you’ve internalized this message your actions will begin to reflect your new mindset.

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