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Domain or Catchy Domain Name?Search engine optimization is a priority today for pioneering entrepreneurs and large corporations. Web presence is a critical functionality of information technology competence. It achieves maximum capability with specific search engine features. Identify an appropriate or catchy domain name to increase your search engine ranking.

Why Catchy Domain Name?

Domain names help identify and get a business or organization on the web. They also allow identification of what activities certain institutions are involved in. They are made up of three parts. The top level domain describes what the establishment does. The second level domain identifies the firm and is coupled with the top; and is also known as the readable. The third level identifies a host server.

The right or permission to use a domain name is bought or paid for, for a specific period of time. The whole concept depends on anchor text. Someone can put a link onto a site with a text widget on the anchor tag. Search engines will pick or tap onto the site because of the widgets. This would give the site a high ranking on that individual search phrase.

Tips for Picking Your Damian Name

When purchasing a domain name widen and change your search to make room for alternative names. Since most famous keyword names are already paid for or require large finances to acquire, consider other creative domain thoughts. Main keywords do not have to be in the domain name. The major strength of a search engine is in its brand. Brand names like Amazon and Google is the way to go. Adopt a domain lookup tool. Successful websites have a domain name and then have a mandatory secure registration. Server plans and hosting requirements are sufficiently catered for. Website templates serve as critical tools in design. Email accounts are created and managed with ease. Marketing tools also add value to websites by increasing traffic and ensuring visibility on search engines.

Other optimization tools raise the ranking of a website

Comparison of rankings from competing sites can also be viewed. Website IP addresses determine website ranking by geographical area. The location of a website hosting address influences search engine results. This follows especially when using country specific search engines. A key word rich domain suggestion tool suggests keyword domain names. Highly active URLs can be changed to static looking HTML URLs. This is a rewriting ability.

Website themes can be found and categorized to give keyword ideas, plus keyword traffic approximations. Domain names that have had a web presence for a long time have an advantage over recent sites. The age of a website can be identified and the metamorphosis displayed. This is quite informative, especially for competition. Statistics tools also exist to give insight into emerging and competing sites. Yahoo has a specific tool that studies Yahoo users’ opinions on specific URLs. Reciprocal links join partner links creating a symbiotic relationship. SEO services can be provided on a site using link price calculators.

By finding out reasonable prices charged per month for advertising and text links, a site owner can increase or reduce the price. Advertisements can also be previewed on a site using Kontera. Search engines need to follow up on traffic redirected from a site. Only then can they be said to be search engine friendly. Back link tracker pro helps confirm paid and exchange links, but tampering with them in the form of conversion, removal or no follow links have been reported.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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