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Get Found: Paid Search Engine Optimization and BrandingA powerful way to get found in this high-technology living is through search engine optimization. Nowadays, people won’t bet for thick phonebooks to look for the kind of services that they desire but rather tick on an online search engine and voila, there goes an endless list of business providers! Seriously, how would your business make it to the top search results?


Tools that optimize against a return sound great but are not always realistic. The present trend in keywords is “more is better” which honestly doesn’t work for all businesses. Companies with smaller budgets will simply reduce their effectiveness by chasing the tail. It is therefore recommended to use paid search campaigns with more modest budgets focus on the highest converting keywords.


What are the benefits of paid search outside of direct lead generation and sales?


  • It makes impressions


  • It targets audience to lift sales online and offline


  • It adds credibility to brand because users associate top ranking with credibility


Realistically, the competition in the world of online marketing is truly tight. With a lot of businesses opting for this type of marketing, one should really consider the use of paid SEOs and branding. Once you have garnered a target audience and a pool of clients or customers who could spread positive words of mouths, then this could be a signal to revert on the conventional ways of search engine optimization. For more information on online marketing, subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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