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Headlines and Keywords – The Perfect MarriageFamily forms the most basic institution of society. When people enter into the institution of marriage, they have hopes for a perfect union. This definitely begs the question as to whether there is a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, many peoples’ ideas pertaining to a perfect marriage are based on their perceptions about their partners.

You will acknowledge that the disappointments that people have in their marriages stem from the features that are revealed about their partners once they get into marriage. However, it is important to note that a perfect marriage is not difficult to achieve, especially if one is in the right frame of mind. It will definitely take some effort from the parties concerned to perfect the marriage.

To start with, it would be important for you to incorporate some willingness to understand the deficiencies in other people. Everyone, irrespective of how perfect they may appear, has a flaw in a particular aspect of their lives. It is important that you would be willing to accept your partner’s flaws, as they accept yours too.

In addition, you should be in a position to love unconditionally, as well as be completely loyal to your spouse. Acknowledge that the marriage institution does not mean a mental prison and your spouse should therefore be in a position to have their free will respected. Acknowledge that they have the capacity to make their own choices and you should therefore respect their position. Many are the times when marriages are broken due to flimsy mistakes. You should incorporate the capacity to ignore these while praising your partner’s noble efforts.

Other things that you should think about a Perfect Marriage

  • Do not pretend to be what you are not, right from the beginning. Pretense creates expectations from your partner which will be the basis for your evaluation. Have it in mind that you cannot pretend forever and only showing your true colors way into the marriage will create cracks and rifts which are not desirable at all. Ensure that what your partner is in love with is the real you, to ascertain that you are accepted just the way you are.
  • The importance of forgiveness in the marriage institution cannot be over emphasized. You definitely cannot afford to dwell on the flaws or mistakes that your partner commits, as this creates tension between you. In this case, learn to forgive and forget.
  • Find ways in which you can share responsibilities. This is especially for when both of you have tight working schedules. In this case, sharing responsibilities creates an opportunity for you to bond and even prevents one partner from becoming a nag.
  • In tough times, it is important that you look at the humorous side of life. This is actually one of the most indispensable aspects of a good marriage. Looking at the humorous side of a difficult situation helps to relieve tension, thus helping you to bond more.
  • Keeping secrets in marriage is a definite no-no. You will have to acknowledge that it is very important to be very transparent, so that you can cultivate trust between each other. When secrets are discovered, they bring about jealousy and suspicion which is not very desirable.

A perfect marriage would definitely begin with you. Changing your perception and choosing to be happy, regardless of the circumstances, will improve your marriage tremendously.

Yours sincerely

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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