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How Many Keywords to UseKeywords are used to boost the success of a search engine optimization and search engine optimization plays a huge role in ranking high on any websites. Keywords are therefore very important in the success of anybody’s website, so if you are using your site for business, your keywords should be credited or blamed for its success or downfall.

Placement of keywords in a website page is very critical, but if you use so many keywords in one page to make it safe, it could be useless and you should be ready to suffer the consequences. Dealing with how many keywords should be placed in your website page is very important as well.

Some say that every page should have only one keyword placed in it, but that could be very restrictive. Others prefer to have as many as possible, but that may not have cost you anything. As mentioned earlier, too many keywords could be nonsense. You should maximize every area in your space, as you are paying for it in the first place.

There are no written rules about how many keywords or phrases should be used on your internet page, but if you are thinking of putting nearly unlimited keywords in a single page of your site, you should be ready to suffer some consequences. This way, with too many keywords, your website will not be optimized, but rather the search engine will think that you are just stuffing and they may flag you for a review. Moreover, worst of all, search engines might think that you are spamming and you will suffer from the worst case in the end. Besides, when we talk about business, we talk of strategy.

So, if we are talking of strategy, you should think of a productive way of distributing your keywords on a single page of your site. Putting too many keywords in the internet is more harmful than not putting them in at all but you need to have them in any way. So, strategically, if one keyword is very restrictive, then two could be almost the same. Therefore, three or four keywords or key phrases are simply justified. However, this strategic number of keywords still depends on the size of the site but, as more experts say, go for at most five percent keyword density.

Additionally, care should always be taken if you have or are using a single word keyword. For example, if you thinking of using the keyword “laptop,” then from phrases like white laptop or black laptop, for example, your keyword counting rolls.

More people are using three to four keywords or key phrases on a single page, but strategic placement is yet another issue. If you already have your number of keywords ready, putting them in the beginning, middle and at the end is the best way of distribution. If you forgot to place them in the beginning your human visitors, who are your potential clients, may leave your site after a few seconds if they did not recognize what your site is all about. For more information, please visit my blog at See you there!

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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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