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SEO Using Your Keywords Effectively Now that you have identified the right keywords to use, what must you do next? Well, there is no better thing to do than put these effective keywords to use!


Your keywords must be included in your URL, page title, tags, description, body and category.


Suppose you own a restaurant business within the vicinity of Atlanta and your primary goal is to rank in the “Atlanta Restaurant” search, then must utilize this phrase in your <H1> headings tags and part of your page body. Playing with this term variably within your tags and page title will also bring you a lot of benefits.


It is ideal to use your keywords just once in the <H1> tag within your page’s body but you can also include it in your images’ titles and general description of your page. Coming up with another term for restaurant such as diner or something else more popular can be used as derivative keywords that you can put on the minor parts of your page.


Another thing to consider in making the most out of your keywords is to keep in mind that Google is consistently scouting for Internet content so you might as well adapt to it. And since it deals with millions of SEO activities daily, it is only capable of giving attention to the most relevant detail of your page, that is your title tag since it is located at the topmost part of your website. This only means that working on your title tag well can do a lot of wonders for your SEO ranking. Make your website more focused to reap more desirable results.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach


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