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The profession of Success Coaching makes it imperative for me to be accessible to all individuals interested in maximizing their profits through Internet Marketing and related fields. This is precisely why I am available on various online platforms including top social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. I find my online availability to be in line with my commitment to mentoring and inspiring people towards financial success, each day!


Speaking of connecting and interacting with my target audience through social media networks, I believe in doing so the right way. Each of these networks has its own set of social norms. So I follow them dutifully while bringing in a few principles of my own. Like Twitter, for instance, is built around a ‘come one come all’ philosophy. And I obviously love it. So, I use my Twitter account with a consistent follow back policy. I follow back all my followers, straight away. It’s the right thing to do in so many ways:


Twitter ‘Following’ Rules limit its users to follow 2,000 people only. It can only be exceeded by those who have plenty of followers themselves, based on a specified ratio. You might call my method a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” policy but it’s effective for everyone.


Etiquettes are important to me and I believe my follow back policy conforms to my idea of being polite to those who express interest in my services.


New Connections are easy to make on Twitter because you can follow people who offer something or the other that you’re interested in, without having any prior links with them. Following back all my followers allows me to endlessly expand my list of professional contacts. It is indeed great for my line of work but that’s not only because I have several new clients. I have gotten to know so many individuals who have new, valuable ideas for me to learn as well.


Reflect Your Personality is another ethic that I follow in everything I do. So my follow back policy on Twitter highlights my friendly nature in the best way. In real life, if someone approaches me with a question or smiles at me, I don’t hesitate in responding or smiling back. So it is a natural reaction for me to follow Twitter users who wish to connect with me or get to know the coaching services I offer.


Having explained my reasons to choose this follow back strategy, I’m now going to discuss ways to further add value to your Twitter account and connections.


Let’s begin with the people I choose to follow on Twitter. My “following” list consists of people who have opted to follow me as well. If any of them does not do so, I discontinue following them because mutually beneficial interactions are most meaningful.


Apart from this criterion, I am not a fan of spam accounts. If I connect with such users unintentionally, I choose to take them out of the list of people I follow. However, you won’t find me removing people from my “following” list on the basis of difference of opinion. When I follow individuals who turn out to have beliefs and values different than mine, I take it as an opportunity to practice tolerance and discover ideas on which we are on the same wavelength.


My Twitter account breaks communication barriers with my followers and enhances my relations with potential clients. However, these and many other benefits of Twitter can be availed through proper management of the account. For this purpose, I use HootSuite. It is a wonderful tool for social network management. By integrating this tool on my account, I have built columns which organize and monitor the following; based on my preferences:


  • Home Feed
  • Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Keywords
  • Direct Messages
  • New Friends


It also lets me write and save Tweets, with a schedule to post them at a later time. Since I do my work on the go, HootSuite comes along through its iPhone and Android apps.


Before I sign off, I would like you all to share your thoughts on my policy. Don’t forget to try it out and send across more follow back strategy ideas which I’d love to review and consider in the future.

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