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“What you read will determine what you will become.”

The wise words of Oscar Wilde every entrepreneur should hold dear to heart.

The secret to successful entrepreneurship ventures hides in-between the lines of good books, how many have you read?  

Sometimes we wonder how successful entrepreneurs learned what they know about their business. These guys did their thing differently.  How did they learn how? They simply read books!

To master the art of your business, you need to seek the opinion of different people who have tried out the same art. Reading books helps broaden your horizon about the different facets of business.  

Seminars and workshops are great ways to gain more knowledge about your business, but when you read books, you develop yourself at your own pace.

Here is a list of Top 5 Books to read about Entrepreneurship.

Gary Keller: The One Thing

Before you figure out how to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to find yourself. Who are you? What’s your definition of success? How far can you go to get what you want? What are your best qualities and worst distractions?

You will find all these answers in The One Thing. The One Thing is a self-analyzing tool every entrepreneur must refer to from time to time to touch base with the basics.

Timothy Ferriss: The 4-Hour Workweek

If you are losing touch with the original passion that made you want to become an entrepreneur, then you should check out this book.  You will not only get inspired by the author’s style of business descriptions but will be blown away by all you will learn about productivity.


Gabriel Weinberg: Traction

The difference between a successful startup and a failed business is the process of production. No matter how big your visions are and how much dreams you have for your business, if your operational level is wacky, you will even come down like a pack of cards.

Traction by Weinberg will help you align your goals with your business’s operations. You will also learn new tricks on how to run a successful business.

Robert Greene: Mastery

Businesses fail not because they don’t have the right knowledge on how to succeed. Success is not limited to knowledge, but to the vision behind such knowledge. Not everyone who goes to college turns out successful, despite being exposed to the same opportunity. What makes the difference? You!

How well have you mastered your inborn potentials? The answer to that question determines how far you will go as an entrepreneur. In his book Mastery, Greene will help you find out your most important traits and how to groom them to success.


Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, Sean Covey: The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Learn how to separate goals from operations when you check out this amazing book about effective business. The book will help you balance your energy between your day-to-day business operations and your long-term goals.

Summing it up

Every entrepreneur faces difficulties at some point in their business. You will only triumph if you have the right bank of knowledge.  Find out more tips on how to run an effective business when you visit


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